Escaping The Victim Mentality By Becoming Financially Free

Your limbs remain in shackles, you’re a prisoner in your own skin, paralyzed and limited to an inadequate life. You can’t do the things you want to. Your life quest then becomes doing all you can to escape and break free from this virtual prison, and you’re the only one who can do so.

This lack of freedom many face, is financial freedom. To self support yourself and not rely on others.

To survive and exist on your own two feet without the need to depend on external resources. This …

How To Replace Your Job With Multiple Streams Of Income

At some point in our working lives we eventually ponder. “Is this it, is this all there is to life? To worship the almighty dollar so I can survive another day?” What most will do in this condensing economy on a daily basis, is exchange their time for money.

The money they earn, becomes dependent on how many hours or how efficient they are at their job.

Then at the end of the week or month, they get paid for their efforts, which they can spend however they choose. This …

Stop Exchanging Time For Money By Creating Passive Income

why you need to generate additional incomeFor sheer survival sake, what the majority of people will do on a daily basis is exchange their time for money. The pay which they receive becomes dependent on how many hours and how efficient of a job that they put into their assigned work.

Then at the end of the work week or month, is usually when they’ll get paid and will then spend it however they like. This paycheck is a reflection of the direct sweat equity which they put in.

But know that this process of monetary …