The Economics Of Money In A World Of Greed And Despair

We’re all caught up in this economic struggle where the almighty dollar, is the regulator. The commander that rules our lives. If you want to gain control over your life, improve your standard of living, move from impoverishment to riches, then find something of value you can offer the world.

Something others are willing to pay for. The painstaking ritual, of people reluctantly reaching into their pockets, and spending their hard earned cash to buy what you offer.

This is the simple formula, that applies to every country, corporation, and …

The Evil That Money Is When Looking For Fair Exchange Of Value

in exchange for moneyThe only way to gain better control over your life, to raise your current standard of living, moving beyond just barely scratching to get by, is by offering something of value to the world. Something that others are willing to pay for. To offer a product that’s worth something.

This is the simple formula which applies to all countries, corporations, and individuals. What a self-sufficient thriving economy has are its own products or services, whether it be natural resources of value to export to the world. Similarly, individuals who are …