The Reasons That I Found Why I’m Still Single At My Age

why you're still singleWhat most singles convince themselves is that they’re single because they choose to be, whether they believe it or not. Some think that they’re ready, but are in no condition of being in a relationship at their current state.

They just can’t face the pain of discovery, rejection, neglect. What they prefer is not going through that again. The circumstances in their lives just don’t warrant it. They’ve just escaped what they thought was a meaningful lifelong relationship, which failed, and they don’t care to revisit that again.

This isn’t …

The Art Of The Attraction How To Find That New Ideal Partner

finding that ideal partnerThose who are single and may have been for a while, yearn to hook up with someone sooner than later. They want to get mutual, since that’s one of the most basic primal human desires.

So they wonder to no end if they’ll ever meet that ideal perfect person ever, if that’s even possible. It’s been discovered that finding that ideal compatible mate, getting into a bondable relationship with someone isn’t really all that different of a process from achieving any other goal or dream.

The steps, the procedure is …