Ways On How To Deal With Those Boring People In Your Life

how not to be boringYou know and avoid them like the plague, those boring people in your life. Those who smirk at you, or you may unfortunately be shackled to one by marriage. Boring people are around us everywhere in all shapes and sizes. Heck, you might be boring yourself.

A co-worker will repeat senseless anecdotes on and on, and you can’t shut them up. Your in-laws who enjoys nothing more than constantly repeating their dramatic adventures of life on auto-play, you respond sympathetically, only as a cue for them to ramble on.

What …

The Plight Of Those Who Are Dull Pleading Help Me I’m Boring

how now to be boringWe’ve all attended parties, events, or conferences where it was completely boring, or stuck with dealing with the deadbeats of life. Once you come across others who are dull, you then try to avoid them at all costs in the future.

Labeling someone as boring, or worse yet, told that we’re boring ourselves, is one of the worst forms of social branding. There’s a huge divide between someone who’s completely mundanely boring, and someone who’s always the life of the party, and how the masses will perceive them differently.

The …