The Reasons Why People Lie They Just Can’t Handle The Truth

those who don't tell the truthThe thing about the truth is that most just can’t handle it. Honesty hurts so we just choose to ignore it. It can be difficult or complicated to comprehend, but it exists and is in direct sight. For a variety of reasons, most have difficulty facing honesty head on.

Although many won’t outright lie on intention, they shade the truth, avoid, or deflect it. They alter it to a degree to make it more comfortable or convenient for themselves or others. We can tell little while lies on intent from …

The Real Reasons Why Partners Will Tell Lies To Each Other

girl doesnt like watching sportsThere are just a few relationships which are grounded and based on complete honesty. There are some who will adhere to a strict open truth policy with each other, while the majority will live in a house of little white lies.

Nobody really deserves to be lied to, but there’s a general consensus that we as humans, especially new couples, are likely to tell little “fibs” more often than not. So if your relationship is new or are constantly having trust issues, this may be the result of the suspicion …

Reasons People Lie Why They Give You Deceptive Conjecture

someone whos telling a liePeople will always lie, either to themselves, but usually to others whom they love, for protection or for their own good, this so they usually won’t cause any further damage.

Lying can become a weapon, a technique which is used to manipulate, control, or influence others through fabrication of the truth.

This manipulation is usually directed towards the feeling, thoughts, and behaviors of others.

Lying is difficult to some, but completely natural for others, as they will begin to throw around little fibs to influence awareness, thought, or effort.

Telling …