11 Vital Minerals The Human Body Needs For Survival

When you think of precious minerals, you think of gold and silver. But when your health is concerned, there are other more precious ones such as calcium and iron, which are far more important. Each of these dietary minerals are unique, and they carry out their own distinct life preserving task.

Researchers have divided these nutrients into two groups: major and trace minerals. The difference being how much of the mineral the body contains.

The major minerals are identified as such since there’s more of them in the body.

If …

10 Reasons The Body Becomes Deficient In Minerals

What minerals does is plays a key role when it comes to the organs and cells in the human body. When these vital minerals aren’t present in the daily diet, or once they’re not assimilated properly as they should, this because of certain factors, the normal development of the body becomes hindered significantly.

For instance, a deficiency of magnesium has been associated with elevated anxiety, mood swings, and potential hallucinations. Low calcium levels are related to weakening of the bone and teeth, while iron, which is one of the key …