Taking Advantage Of The Tiny Fragments Of Free Time You Have

how to manage time betterIf you’re wanting to know the true value of one second, ask any athlete who dedicates their life to training to get faster to win, comes in second place, narrowly missing the winners podium by a fraction of a second. If you want to know the importance of one minute, ask anyone who’s just missed their bus to work.

Once we’re crunched for time as a deadline looms, we beg for just a few more moments. While waiting for the dentist, or waiting at the grocery checkout line, time appears to standstill. We constantly scream irately once were caught in heavy traffic, this because we’re wasting our precious time.

There’s a variety of ways, an infinite myriad of options on how we can spend the time that’s given to us. The things we do and how we do them, depends on the length of time that’s afforded our way.

Taking Advantage Of Time
So it’s about maximizing the small fragments of free time that you have. This could be a time stamp of a few seconds to a few minutes, to hours.

It’s not productive to spend this time to procrastinate or worry, this because what you’re attempting or intending to accomplish, can often be short in time.

It’s not possible to do that much, especially physically, in a few minutes of free time. But what’s possible is doing constructive mind work, productive thinking, positive reflecting, or mental sharpening.

What You Think
What’s possible is that the very next moment might turn your life around, this since your thoughts are the seeds to action, and these actions is what triggers manifestation.

Once you positively influence your thoughts, you’re contributing to the effectiveness of your future actions, even if just a little bit.

Whenever you have a few moments of free time when you’re waiting, mentally determine what you want to do with yourself now, or in the future.

The next time you’re waiting for the train, make it a point to practice mental relaxation techniques, this to streamline your thoughts, while clearing and planning your mind.

To Allow Brilliant Thoughts
The time that’s spent in the bathroom is one of the most sacred times to relax yourself other than your bed, this both physically and mentally. The key becomes to spend the few moments you have as productively as possible.

What’s known is that the most brilliant and creative thoughts occur when we’re in the shower. What most will do however is dismiss them, or forget about them once the busy day persists. So have a pen and pad or a voice recorder ready, to note them down.

The next time that you’re waiting and pondering, write down or record those brilliant ideas before you forget them, as what they tend is to suddenly appear and then quickly fade away.

Getting Ideas During Your Spare Time
When waking up in the morning, before you begin the ritual of tackling the busy day ahead, make it a point to ask yourself, “What’s the best possible way for me to spend the small amounts of free time that I’ll have today?”

Determine how can you use up the larger blocks of free time that you’ll have. This could be the ride on the subway on your way to work, or that business flight on an airplane for a few hours.

What are the best, the most productive short-term activities that you can engage yourself in, this during the free time that you have. The times that you need to wait, the pockets of spare time realized during the busy day.

Think of better methods of time management on the moments that are afforded to you, which can help you grow forward, this regardless of how insignificant. Find ways on reaching your goals for the day, tomorrow, or next week.


To Optimize Your Free Moments
Realize how you can further exercise and maximize the creative faculties of your thinking, this during the short periods of free time that you’ve accumulated during the day.

Find the best ways to relax your mind and body, this by pinpointing the times that you know you’ll be free. Realize how you can improve, this by optimizing your time better today, than yesterday.

Every night before going to bed, get out your journal and then ask and answer the following question: “How did I best use the free time that I had today?” Make sure you document it.

Note how optimizing the free time that you had, contributed towards how closer you got to reaching your goals. How it contributed to your objectives.

How To Better Optimize The Time You Have
Become vigilant by constantly coming up with more questions on your own. Realize that it’s you who has the power and the independence, this to create your own meta existence.

Instead of being spoon-fed by a guru or motivational expert, this since they probably don’t even practice what they preach, empower yourself by coming up with your own queries and solutions.

The next time that you catch yourself or someone you know saying, “So much to do, so little time!” Stop and say that there’s plenty of time.

Time Is On Your Side
What you need is to tweak this new process of time management optimization from time to time. Once you find that you’re becoming stressed out, this by the tasks piling up, things and activities that you need to do that day, stop and give yourself a breather.

Once you mindfully pause and give yourself a mental mind break, what you’re also doing is optimizing the time that you have. Just make sure that you’re on top of it, by not relaxing too much either.

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