The Annual Year End Rant On What’s Not Right With This World

ranting for no reasonAt one time, being politically correct meant speaking with consideration to others. Now, it’s reduced to acting and speaking in a manner which is dictated by the politically left wing elite, who’s designated themselves as the arbitrators of what’s proper or not.

Christmas for instance is no longer politically correct, this because of the potential insult to non-Christians and atheists. So we’re told the proper is Happy Holidays. Marketers now advertise their merchandise as Holiday gifts, this to please all. All for profit.

Retailers will carefully play Holiday music which doesn’t mention Christmas, forbid they insult someone and lose a sale. It doesn’t matter if they insult Christians however, because Christians are forgiving.

Schools now teach their students to say Happy Holidays, this since most educators now believe that it’s not politically correct to bring religion into education. It’s okay to deny Christians but not okay to irritate the atheists.

To Be Politically Correct
Janitors now prefer to be call Sanitary engineers, even though an engineering degree at latest check isn’t needed.

Those who are deaf are now hearing impaired, a blind person is visually impaired. Someone obese is weight or height challenged. Orientals now prefer to be called Asians.

An illegal alien are undocumented workers. Insurgents are rebels who kill innocent people. Delinquents and punks are now environmentally challenged youths.

People getting fired prefer being downsized. Happy Thanksgiving is now called Happy Turkey Day, and Valentines day is now Friends Day.

When Things Aren’t Right
It’s funny and okay when talk show hosts or “Anonymous,” who prefers to hide their faces behind masks, can insult presidential candidates calling them narcissist buffoons.

But it’s not funny or politically correct when you make fun of Anonymous, and their identifiable masks that anyone can easily buy from the dollar store.

The elected leaders are all fair game. But what’s being insulted is the entire office, the country, freedom, but that doesn’t seem to matter.

Some don’t like the elected leader, and the hope is that if they insult them enough, people will then start believing that these insults are true, and not just jokes.

Addicts are victims and not criminals, even though they may of broke the law by using drugs which are illegal, aiding the underworld drug economy to get deeper. The elite may be participating, but they don’t consider themselves to be criminals.

Careful What You Speak
Don’t call your God a he, because certain women may be angered. The fact no one’s ever actually seen God, and the fact no one knows what he/she looks like, doesn’t seem to matter.

All that matters is that if the talking heads and activists don’t like hearing something, they feel insulted.

It’s not only okay, but it becomes comical to lump certain groups together and label them as incompetent, but don’t you ever dare say that educators might be incompetent. Once you do, the teacher’s union might get angry.

It doesn’t seem to matter that the majority of politicians might actually be efficient and caring, or that the majority of educators can actually teach, and they really do care.


All that matters is that politicians can’t really rant back, so it’s okay to lump the good with the bad, and then make fun of them.

Why Can’t We Just All Get Along
North America is a smorgasbord of cultures. So it’s no longer Americans or Canadians. We’re now African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Italian-Americans, and a whole host of others, just insert your nationality.

All this while attempting to remain in unity as one country, but all we’re doing is dividing, segmenting ourselves by our ethnicity, skin color, and our born nationality.

So why not be solely American. Ethnicity or the nationality of your ancestors shouldn’t and doesn’t effect you being a North American. You can still be proud of your ancestry without need to hyphenate “American.”

Almost everyone is this country is from a different background, proud of their core heritage, but most are also North American citizens. So why not just answer to ‘I’m a proud American,” and not *Insert your ethnicity* – American.

Why Does It Matter So Much
According to some scientists, they believe that the human race started in Africa. So if that’s true, then aren’t all of us then a descendent of those who lived in Africa, and that all of us should be called African-American.

What do you call a person of African or Asian descent, who now lives permanently in the United States, but is a Portuguese citizen, but not born in that country. You can’t call them an African, Portuguese, or Asian American, as they’re not American.

Being Political Correct
We live in a world of sensitive whiners who are easily offended by just a slight slip of the tongue. We live in a world where battles are sprung just on a few words which happens to offend, or the skin color is different.

Political correctness is okay to a certain point, but like anything else, taking it too far is what many are prone to do, which can become toxic.

We’ve taken it way too far to the point of it becoming asinine, so stop listening to the Hollywood, media, or conspiracy elite, and start deciding for yourself.

Don’t get caught up in the propaganda, while focusing your rant or belief structure on simple human mistakes that anyone can easily make. So get off your soapbox and stop whining on a misunderstanding because guess what, no one cares.

Just be kind, be polite and show empathy towards others regardless of who they are. If they don’t represent what you believe in, that’s then their problem. Just continue on with your life, being a contributing world citizen.

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