The Most Brilliant Marketers Reveal Their Methods Of Success

tips from online marketersAnyone could say that they’re a marketer, especially online, they claim themselves as experts in the area of moving product effectively and efficiently to the end consumer.

They identify themselves as marketing experts, but what most resort to is just the shuffling around of data, spreading ineffective copy on their blogs or on social media. They’ll spend other people’s money to experiment, create useless sites, produce pointless information which has no impact on customer acquisition or ROI.

The worst is those who claim to be SEO experts, search engine optimization is practically becoming a myth and a fools game. There’s those who claim they know the secret sauce to search engine success. Most are behind the times, most are the modern day version of the snake oil salesmen, digital shysters.

They promise to place your site on the top of the search engine results for a fee, giving you free traffic, but your site is no where to be found, and soon after, neither are these so called SEO experts, they’ve vanished into thin air.

The Trade That Is Internet Marketing
To the pioneers of Internet Marketing, to those who have forged the path, it must be embarrassing to be associated with this trade which has no set boundaries, no standards for what constitutes success or quality.

But for those brilliant professionals that do strive towards perfection, results, what they’re capable of doing is pushing the limits in a profession which is starving for results, new and improved innovation.

So what’s been revealed are a few core characteristics which these individuals with integrity, the Internet Marketers who can honestly claim to make money, have mastered.

It’s All About True Intention
Know how to spot the real marketers who know their stuff from the wanna be posers. Take a good deep look at their material and ask them why or how they made the choices that they did.

Most often, their reply will be: Uhhhh, I don’t know, or, That’s how we do things, or, That’s standard industry procedure. Realize that the idea of marketing begins with the end customer or the prospect in mind.

A great marketer will first decide what they’re wanting to accomplish with the end target of creating a campaign where every single detail has purpose, along with the intent to compel the customer towards that desired action.

Everything else is a waste of time and resources, it becomes like throwing darts. So every time that there’s a marketing decision to be made, ask the real reason for doing so. If there’s no good answer, then don’t bother doing it.

A New And Improved Ground Breaking Message
Does the catchphrase of your marketing material sound completely redundant and trite, a “copy and paste” of what everyone else who’s in your industry is doing.

Marketing isn’t about putting a string of words together just to fill up the space and attract keywords. What the best marketers do is break forward by writing a compelling value proposition which resonates, strikes the fear in the hearts of their potential customers.

What needs to be determined is the pain you’re able to solve for your buyer, and then tell them you have the solution, you’re there to solve their problem with your product or service.

The consumer doesn’t care about you or who you are until you can demonstrate, prove to them that you really care about them and you have the answer.

Streamlining The Funnel Process
Most think that each marketing tool does their job independently, that one process will automatically lead to another, that the sales funnel works.

But what most have is a completely uncoordinated flow. The landing page or the theme of the website is completely unrelated to their banner ad, or the sales page or the sales team gives a completely different message.


Successful marketing needs to be a series of coordinated events, a smooth delicate transition which flows seamlessly into one another which holds and nudges the hand of the potential customer to take action.

Make sure that your message is completely aligned and in tune with your value proposition. Every marketing piece should be branded so they’re distinctly related to everything else that you do.

Chart out the path, a mind map for your customer, and then use each marketing tool to enhance and entice the experience of the customer along the way.

The Engagement Of Creativity
Whenever your customer is searching for a solution to their problem, they’ll surf endlessly to find the solution. What they find are clones, the same exact “copycat” phrasing and images, then they’ll get bored and leave, frustrated and disappointed.

What all marketers has is the same canvas, an assortment of creative tools which they can use, but fail to use them correctly. As a result, what most company or product information does it it lulls the customer to sleep, and they can’t leave your site quick enough.

The most brilliant of marketers understand that they need to be entertaining. They’ll use the entire array of what’s available to them to delight in awe their potential customer. What everyone wants is to be entertained, to have fun in whatever they do, so give it to them, then they’ll come back for more.

Always Be Tracking Measurement
Most think that their marketing work is finished once the creatives and distribution is done. They become extremely proud of their new shiny website or their brilliant banner ads, then the world should come pounding at their door, right?

The true marketers know that the only endgame is their return on investment (ROI). Those who want to make money are complete data geeks who concisely track and test their work, and will then track and re-test the responses again on every change that they make.

They do so, this so they could tweak and make the necessary adjustments for optimum return. So find a precise way to measure, know the exact metrics, your return that you get on every cent that you spend. All that matters is how much money that’s made.

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