Ways To Create Content Pages That Convert To Increase Sales

What every page of a website or blog needs is to offer value, as content development remains a work in progress, this especially when it comes to creating sales pages. It’s easy to activate the creative juices writing a blog post, but constructing an effective sales page, can be an issue for many.

As a result, what happens is ineffective content, one reason being that the text isn’t thought to be as important. This is the area however, where more creativity is needed, this by developing better ways of writing marketing content. The product pages then has a better chance of ranking, which gets more traffic, conversions, and sales.

What needs to be created, are new effective ways of developing better more converting content pages, this to increase revenue. The pages need to become magnetic to go viral, which draws in the sales that you’re wanting.

Give Them What They Want
When developing content, begin by finding out what your customers biggest needs are, and then prove that you have the solution.

How your product or service, has the answer to their needs. Never leave them as stand-alone documents, this by answering just the questions that your target audience is seeking.

One of the best ways is to have a survey, by collecting the answers to what your customers are wondering about the most. Find out what their most pressing issues are, this by using social media and email.

Then develop content based around a series of their queries by answering them, this in a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) format.

What doing so does is displays your ability, to anticipate and reply to all the needs that your customers are having.

Doing so will also give you an interface that you’re able to continuously update, and then revise with fresh relevant content.

An Online Interactive Sales Person
There are a variety of ways on presenting these pages, this by creating an effective peer-to-peer interactive sales experience.

Your site should be acting as your best online sales person, and not just a venue which offers a description of your product. Always focus on getting sales, giving the visitor reasons to buy from your site.

The description needs to be more than just a brief summary of the product. While it doesn’t have to be lengthy, what it needs is to concisely provide an explanation, benefits on why the visitor should choose to buy from you.

Answer Their Doubts
Just the description of the product or service isn’t enough however. Take this as an opportunity to provide relevant information to your reader.

Make sure that all of their lingering questions are answered before they purchase, so there’s no doubt whatsoever.

The content should be answering why your product or service is useful for them, why it can solve their problems or hurts.

Explain why they need your specific product, reasons they haven’t considered before reaching your site. Why your company is the best option for them.

What you don’t want, is to bombard and overwhelm them with too much information. So be as concise as possible, while considering careful integration.


Use direct first person language, this to help answer all their questions without coming across as wanting to sell them something. Avoid fluff and hype.

Create Urgency
What you need is to create a sense of urgency with your content, which can be a delicate balancing act.

What you don’t want, is the buyer to think your product will be irrelevant the moment they buy it. You also don’t want them to wait and get buyers remorse, when deciding to purchase your product.

One of the best ways on how to create a sense of urgency, is by developing content that’s going to hook them immediately, giving them the itch need to buy or sign-up ASAP.

There are a variety of ways on how you can do so, this by offering promotions, monthly offers, countdown timers, showcased products, all which can be updated regularly.

Make The Content Unique And Alluring
What you have is an open canvas of creative freedom, while having the opportunity to be as innovative as possible, this by pushing the limits of originality and uniqueness.

It’s about being special, different and standing out which increases conversions. So pay close attention to the aesthetics of the page such as the layout, style, and the color you use.

Find various ways on appropriately using images and video. Incorporate your logo, brand, and mission statement as often as possible.

Use customer reviews, feedback, and success stories. Make the customer testimonials as visual as possible. Link to other related content that’s on your site.

Design your layout so it has different tabs, where the visitor can click various information, including tabs for reviews and testimonials.

Make the layout easy to understand, concise, and mobile responsive. Make sure that you cover everything that a customer is pondering, this without being overbearing.

Brainstorm New Ideas
When attempting to be innovative when developing your sales pages, the easiest and most effective way of doing so, is asking those who know the product best.

This could be your employees or previous customers. Ask them what their biggest concerns are, and how your product or service, can effectively help solve it for them.

Although there isn’t a “one size fits all” solution or plan, when it comes to developing these pages, knowing your brand identity, while broadcasting your story to new visitors becomes important.

Keep in mind that what doing market research provides, is an opportunity to develop and grow new content for your pages, which also helps your SEO efforts. Make sure that you always keep your product content pages updated, refreshing, and unique as possible.