How To Release The Built Up Emotional Clutter In Your Life

Life can be a journey, with a specific destination in mind. There are some, who has a predetermined road map, and the funds they need to get them there. Others have no idea where they’re going, has little or no resources, but they’re also fine with that. All they want, is to just have fun.

During our travels, we encounter challenges that slows us down, or alters our course. At times, we allow these roadblocks to get us down, making the journey less enjoyable.

These obstacles can also halt us altogether, as we feel stuck and unable to move forward. That’s what emotional clutter does.

It begins with identifying what these obstacles are. Recognizing what the emotional clutter is that’s slowing us down, which can alter the course of our life.

Begin by listing all your fears, moans, gripes, curses, anger, anxieties, complaints, anything that springs to mind.

Take your time compiling this list, while continuing to add to it, as issues arise.

Rid Of Negative Thoughts

The reason for compiling a list of negative emotions, is so you can intently focus on them. Never dwell on them however, once they’re exposed.

If you do get emotionally bogged down by them, then take a break, take a walk, take a nap. Then return back to the list, with a clear mind.

The key is being honest. Never mask your issues thinking you’re perfect. Face them head on, even if they make you feel uncomfortable, or if you feel guilt.

How You Want To Feel

What’s now needed is extended effort, by unplugging, flushing out, and getting unstuck of all the sludge of negativity that’s piled up, and clogging up your mind.

Take each of the grievances you’ve written down, and state how fixing or removing them would make you feel better, and the reasons why. Dig deep, to expose these nasty feelings.

Most often, these emotions are buried deep in the past, and you can’t do anything about them.

It doesn’t matter why or how they happened. What’s important is identifying how you would have liked things to of turned out, or been.

Write down how you would like things to be now. Keep the language positive, don’t curse, list what you want, and never what you don’t want.

It’s important to be as honest as possible, because it’s your life and welfare.

What do you really want? It doesn’t matter, if what you want is clinging on to the realms of fantasy, or the impossible.


This is your “What Do I Really Want?” list. Treasure it, make it sacred. Continue to add to it, and use it to build more positive thoughts in your life.

Then decide to take the first steps, on your new journey.

What Could You Do Right Now

Take each item on the list, every issue, and ask yourself: In order to completely release all of my negative feelings, and embrace all the positive intentions I want, what’s the next step I need to take?

It’s important to understand, it doesn’t mean you “have” to take action right now. It means you “could” do it if needed.

It’s about opening up all the possibilities and opening up new avenues. There’s no pressure, as it’s not a “must do” list.

Some of the things which comes up will be emotional, others practical.

For instance, some examples on your list could be: Forgive myself, forgive him/her, find a gardener, enjoy the chocolates, write that letter, ask someone for some advice

All you need to do, is make sure all of the possibilities are the solutions. The ones you would make, to make yourself feel better or resolved in some way.

Most likely, by now you’ll have new intentions and impetus, to take the positive steps you need to.

You may have developed a strong urge, to look forward rather than look back. To just do it, and have fun.

Time To Take Action

Finding ways to have less clutter in our lives, our emotions, is a liberating process, one that makes us feel instantly better. Then taking positive action on these intentions, is yet more powerful.

Decide what on the list, you could do right now. Which item, would be the easiest to do. Which item on the list, would have the most positive effect on you.

Then take the steps you need, so you’ll begin feeling better about yourself.

Become An Observer

By becoming an observer of your thoughts, you’ll come to a greater understanding of yourself, and be able to let things go. All the negative emotions, which has a grip on you.

What’s known, is what a part of your subconscious mind will do, is observe what’s happening to you and your surroundings, as it happens in real time.

Once you become mindful and observe yourself this way, you’ll find yourself standing outside of yourself.

You then observe how you feel, what you’re doing, and how you’re reacting and interacting with the environment.

What you’ll then learn are incredible things about yourself by doing so, also in a relatively short period of time.

What you’ll begin to understand, is how your emotions react to certain situations, and why you do so, which gives you choices on how you should respond.

You can do so, by extracting the remote areas of your thoughts, by tapping into your subconscious mind.

This becomes helpful, for those times in your life where you feel stuck, or anything you do, doesn’t respond in your favour.