108 Motivational Self-Help Tips In Times Like These

What we all want is to succeed in life, our life. We also know success does not come on a silver platter, yet it is still what everybody wants. This is why people get up in the morning to work and drag their body back to bed at night.

People simply want better – in everything.

There’s only one reality and no matter how you would like to escape from that, it will always lure you out.

So why not face it with a more realistic approach?

Escape or not, these motivational self help tips will sink in, in these times of personal and economic turmoil.

In times like these, hope you find some solace to improve your life and prosper.

The following advice might be something you have already heard before, but never regarded them to be true, or paid attention to them.

This time, in these times of isolation, read these passages over again for yourself so they register.

The sweet road to success and empowerment is a path well taken, so why not journey there yourself?

THE GRAND IDEA: The Essentials To Attaining Life’s Success

1.) – Own The Proper Mindset
Whether you want to simply cross the street or build an empire, you have to have it in you. Having the right attitude is always the first requirement to getting things done.And, honestly it is the only credential that you will need, if not stick.

2.) – Be Interested
Information is power and if you do not stick out your ear to whatever is happening, there simply would be no direction. You do not always have to know everything but it would matter a lot if you know what matters.

3.) – Be Healthy
Do not be naïve and think that you can have it made by intellect alone. Eat and drink the right amount of food and water, keeping yourself healthy is the only way that you can ever accomplish your goal.

4.) – Use Your Common Sense
It stings to hear or even read about it but it is true. Statistics have been piling on just how many people lose everything just because they forgot to use common sense. It is hardwired in every individual and it actually makes things easier.

5.) – Smile 🙂
Sad but true! Smiling transcends almost all differences and think just how it would benefit your cause. It is not the silliest of gestures too you know. It is a formula that works and has been proven with time.


6.) – Appreciate The Little Things
Find a reason to be happy. It does not always have to be a person or something big. In fact, you would be astonished at how the little things can affect you in big ways.

7.) – Smell The Coffee
The aroma alone of brewing coffee can be enough to rev up your nerves and create a more beautiful day.

8.) – Ride A Bicycle
The thrill of riding a bicycle never gets old. In fact, the idea can be likened to the aging of wine: only gets better in time. Another is that, you will not only get to tickle your insides with it but also come out looking chic cycling all over town.


9.) – Walk Barefoot Once In A While
…and avoid stepping into broken glass when you do. Do this not only when you walk on the beach but also in and around your residence. Surely it will leave you with dirty soles but with a joyous experience to note.

10.) – Stretch Far Out While You Yawn
Stifling a yawn during a meeting is one thing but rising up from bed and stretching like you mean it is another. Try extending your arms so far out that you can almost hear your muscles contract.

11.) – Enjoy A Bubble Bath
No matter what age or sex you have, bubble baths can gratify the soul within. Light some candles too to complete the picture. Allow yourself to revel in the pleasures that never fail to amuse.

12.) – Scream For All The World To Hear
Sometimes to draw positive energy, you must first release the bad ones. You can get some when you scream at the top of your lungs, sure you will scare the neighbors but you will also relinquish negativity.

13.) – Watch The Stars
Celebrities may be good-looking people but the big dipper, Venus and all the other twinkling stars are better to gaze at. Lie on the ground, revel in the presence of a million stars and you would be happy to realize they might all be twinkling for you.

14.) – Sing To Your Favorite Track
Humming is safe but singing outloud is more satisfying than you imagined it to be. Also you do not have to do it on national TV either. Just plug in your earphones and allow the rhythm take over.

15.) – Have A Chat With A Toddler
Annoying aside, kids are the funniest creatures on earth. Not only can they make a big deal out of the simplest things but also they can do it in a way that does not irritate you like your spouse does. Makes everything ridiculously funny too.

16.) – Have Sex
Have a mind-blowing sex with someone or do it with your longtime partner in places you have never done it before. It does not have to be all 50 shades but one orgasmic experience will really make you happy. It is a path well traveled.

GOAL SETTING: Hitting The Right Mark

17.) – Write Down Your Priorities
It would help you significantly if you have your goals written down instead of just thinking about them. Create something like a guideline – it will keep you on track and will also serve as a reminder at how many you have achieved so far.

18.) – Take Them Down One At A Time
Do not be in a rush to cross out all your likes and dreams. Instead, accomplish your goals one by one as it would be more fulfilling that way. And remember, the longer you want it, the sweeter the success will be.

19.) – Be Realistic
Unless you can spare more than $20 million dollars, you can shoot for the moon. But if not then better dwell on something else, it would just be easier that way. Not that you are afraid of challenges but setting realistic goals would bring you closer to success.

20.) – Admit Your Mistakes
They say that to accept you have committed a mistake is to be superhuman. Well, what do you know, another accomplishment achieved.

21.) – Recognize Your Support Group
Never forget the people who helped you along the way. Thank them as you go along and then thank them again upon completing a goal.

22.) – Mark Your Date
Getting a promotion and getting a promotion within the year are two different goals. You must know which among your goals need to be accomplished within a certain amount of time. Procrastinating is the worst kind of company in goal setting.

23.) – Seek Help
Trying several times is expected but failing at it more than a dozen calls for help. Know when you need to call for help because the longer you try and fail, the more you will hate yourself for not succeeding.

24.) – Accept Criticism
It hurts more when people criticize your work but it is one facet of life that is inevitable. Rather than sulking, use the information to your advantage or better yet, prove to them that you are better and bigger than what they make of you.

25.) – Engage In A Friendly Competition
As Darwin put it, the human race is built to outdo each other. Well, there is no sense putting a stop to it now but only this time, make it friendly. It is healthier and simpler if you do it that way.

26.) – Rejoice In Your Success
Sometimes, people forget to congratulate themselves even after accomplishing a goal. It is a dysfunctional attitude that allows you the title but never the recognition.

27.) – Do It For Yourself
Run a marathon because you want to do it for yourself and not because everybody else is doing it. You will never get truly satisfied if you keep allowing people to dictate or trends to dictate upon you.

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