What’s The Point Of Making Resolutions Once The Calendar Turns

welcome the new yearSome will just avoid making New Year’s Resolutions. Once you make them, then you feel you’re somewhat obligated to abide by them, but then what happens if you don’t. Your life crashes down around you, once the festivities wears off and the blues set in.

Why keep score and who really cares. It could be an unrelenting taskmaster. On every level of existence, the first and worst person that you ever want to disappoint is yourself. But we all make unrealistic resolutions nonetheless, this leading to disappointment.

Despite the fact some don’t like making these new pacts as the calendar clicks forward, most end up making small quiet ones regardless.

The turning of the calendar symbolizes a time to reflect, to ponder where you’ve been, how much you’ve grown, accomplished, while setting your sights on new dreams to weave.

New Year New Reflections
As the festivities wind down, most just enjoy curling up with a nice cup of spiked sunshine, while spending quality time with oneself, and those close to them.

Thinking how forward they went in the past year, or perhaps realizing that nothing’s been forwarded at all, that everything’s still the same, that there’s disappointment because of the lack of progress.

Like a bad recording playing over and over again, regardless of how hard you try, your pause button appears to interfere, getting in the way of growth.

You continue to work as hard and focused as you can, yet things aren’t working out. There’s no need to apologize to anyone, other than continuing to keep trying.

How About Trying Something New
At times, it comes down to trying something different. What most worry about however is staying on course, to stay safe and simple. Doing the exact same things and then hoping they’ll turn out differently, proclaiming, “Hey, I’m no quitter.”

You’re a dreamer, so take a really hard look at the things you need to go after, the things you want to change, the things that needs fixing, that closet full of skeletons you need to clear out. But the more you dream, the more they remain dreams.

Deep down you’re also a planner, a list maker, reminiscing as you take your last sip of reflection, and all of the regrets about the passing year, you decide to fill your cup one more time.

You flash forward thinking about the New Year ahead, what you need to accomplish, what you want to do, just because.

The Resolutions Of Your Life
So out comes the pen and paper, as transferring thoughts on paper appears to make it more genuine. You want to make renovations in your life.

No one and nothing is immune from the calendar turning over, the passage of time, a new world arises, so you clean the slate that’s your life and begin things anew, this by making a New Year’s resolution list.

It’s usually typical such as losing an inch or two of flab, picking up the momentum by getting more exercise. Or it could be more macro such as finding a new job or a new mate, then you realize dammit, these resolutions are the same as last year.

There’s that vacation you’ve always wanted to take, when was the last time you carelessly frolicked on the beach. When was the last time that you asked someone out.

Those old friends that you’ve been meaning to meet, the vegetable garden you’ve been wanting to plant, that new recipe you’ve been wanting to cook.


Then The Disappointment Sets In
January 2nd is now officially Procrastination day. This the roadblock why many despise making resolutions, they never act on them. Life hammers you as the New Year turns and you return back to the doldrums.

Nothing, absolutely no one’s immune. You make a list of wishes for no other reason than that they’re things you’d like to do. These are the things which makes your life your own, what makes you unique, things that makes life worthwhile.

Life Then Interferes
You’re wanting to take the next step that you need to take, this to keep your life on track. Your career, your business, your finances need to be in order, the mortgage needs to be paid, you fight for your life so it won’t crumble.

You need to take into account your friends and family, as those close to you come first. There are people who depends on you, they don’t care how your hopes and dreams are shaping up.

You do all you can to help, to do whatever you can in your power that’s realistic. This also isn’t taking a nosedive into co-dependency or surrendering.

It’s about looking out for yourself and your loved ones, making sure that you do your part, much like the old saying, “It takes an entire a village…”

Time To Reflect
All of this reminiscing, all the unspent tears then makes their way to the surface, as the song remains the same. But that’s okay since, because, invariably, that’s been the story of your life, as the repeat button is persistent.

So welcome in and face the New Year as it’s inevitable. Tomorrow never comes and it just feels like another day. The foundation of life is built on difficulty, doubt, and you’d be lying to yourself if last year wasn’t hard.

But nonetheless, the days and years tick by, and overall, the old year has expired and you can just look forward to a new one.

With that, just scribble out one last resolution, which is “To Just Be,” this while you polish off the last drop of spirit with bittersweet resolve and aftertaste. Open your arms and get ready to welcome in the New Year.

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