5 Life Altering Resolutions That Can Change Your Life

Once the calendar year turns, the feeling is distinctively different. Everything feels refreshed, flushed, as there’s that big red “reset” button that’s pushed. Things mentally feel new, that there’s new opportunities, and an open slate to change or improve your life.

As the New Year presents itself, everything that’s old becomes vibrant. For many, it’s a time to reassess and re-calibrate their life. To decide where they are, which direction their life is headed.

It’s like we’re given a new opportunity to alter the things in our life we don’t …

It’s Another New Year Yet The Resolutions Remain The Same

As the planet continues to spin, it’s only us humans who cares to keep track of it, to notice that the calendar has changed, that a New Year has arrived. We hope to feel different, refreshed, but almost everything remains the same. We wish to do better, get better, but nothing really ever changes.

Many will take inventory of their lives, and vow to make greater changes, such as eat healthier, exercise more, stop smoking, drink less, to be a better person. Most just have glancing success, then it’s back …

What’s The Point Of Making Resolutions Once The Calendar Turns

welcome the new yearSome will just avoid making New Year’s Resolutions. Once you make them, then you feel you’re somewhat obligated to abide by them, but then what happens if you don’t. Your life crashes down around you, once the festivities wears off and the blues set in.

Why keep score and who really cares. It could be an unrelenting taskmaster. On every level of existence, the first and worst person that you ever want to disappoint is yourself. But we all make unrealistic resolutions nonetheless, this leading to disappointment.

Despite the fact …

Reasons Why The Well Intended New Year’s Resolution Ever Work

why setting new year resolutions never workSo before the strike of midnight, you silently make yourself promises as resolutions to yourself, but you know that they rarely ever work out.

During these hectic times, absolutely everyone, especially the media is rampant with recommendations of New Year resolutions, and how you should be planning them.

They’re all pretty much “cookie cutter” common on how you should be changing your life for the better in the upcoming year. They usually come in the following formats.

There’s always the fluffy inspirational feel better about yourself stuff, when mixed with …