9 Ways To Network In Business And Socially Mingle In Public

We humans as a herd are a social bunch. One of the primary reasons on how we as a species, has been able to exist and advance in the civilized world that we live in, is because of our ability to communicate thoughts, which turns into action. So what we’ll conscientiously do is network with others, this on a daily basis, to relay and learn information.

This to network, to mingle, this socially or for business. What networking does is allows us to communicate with others, this socially to make new friends, or to make new contacts for business, which is the key to success. What everyone wants is to connect with others.

9. Social Media

Social media has become an extremely important tool, this for networking, either socially or for business. Specifically, Facebook and LinkedIn. What these platforms will give you is the opportunity to be at your “stalking” best, this for good purposes, as there’s a myriad of information that you can learn. Anyone who is someone is on social media, for the world to see.

So first of all, you need to present yourself well on social media yourself, as others will be “checking” you out as well, so display your best side. Those constant posts of pictures of your cat, what you ate, or what you did last Friday, isn’t a great idea.

If you’re wanting to be known as a respectable professional, then you need to present yourself that way. What everyone will now do, such as potential employers, new friends, or romantic interests, will check you out on these platforms, so post wisely!

8. Know Your Strengths And Weaknesses

Networking itself is a learned skill, so the key becomes to know yourself. Know where you shine, what your deficits are, how you come across. Being perfectly at ease only comes naturally to just a select number of people. For others, it’s a constant work in progress. The rest of us needs to work on our behavior, our personality, this to be as attractive and presentable as possible.

There are some who comes across as rude, narcissistic, forgetful with names, talks about themselves too much, eats or drinks too excess. You need to know who you are, how you come across, and focus on your strong points. When it comes to networking, others will judge you on their first impression.

7. Research Do Your Homework

The Internet is the greatest invention by man for doing research, as it reveals all, good or bad. So what it offers is the opportunity for you to precisely do your homework, this by reading up on rising companies or individuals, this in respect to your industry or profession. Knowledge is power, if you’re wanting to network and connect with them.

What doing research does is plays a key role, this in respect to learning anything you need to learn about others, or the world around you. What doing your homework does is makes you prepared, this especially when it comes to networking. Being well informed, just elevates your awareness.