What To Do Once You’re Having A Mid-life Crisis

When entering the workforce as young adults fresh out of school, what we’ll do is plow our heads into our chosen career path. We then work as hard as possible chasing that golden goose. Nothing else in life seems to matter. That’s what we’re told to do.

We become obsessed in a culture that’s everything high tech gadgetry, maxed out credit cards, fast cars, mortgaged homes, and trendy jobs.

What all this results in, is this thing called “working for a living.” What then compounds is stress and anxiety, becoming exhausted by the push and the pull of a hectic lifestyle.

The strain of chasing after material advantage begins to show, bowing to the dictator that is the almighty dollar. This has made the working class become office slaves.

Working For A Living

Working more than 50 hours a week becomes the norm, even after getting every tangible want and luxury money can buy. Most still remain unhappy by all their corporate success.

Rather than feeling fulfilled, most executives and employees feel emptiness and disillusionment.

The concentrated force that is fame and fortune, the obsession it is, have made many professionals weary and depressed.

All of the incentives, accolades, and rewards, can’t relieve them of the pressure that they feel.

There comes a tipping point, where we need to add balance in our life, this to avoid burnout or illness.

Journal Everything Down

Some call it a mid-life crisis, when one begins to lose purpose. So begin by writing out a life plan, where you want to better appropriate your time and effort, between work and home.

Life shouldn’t be treated as an enigma. Life should be fun simple and enjoyable. This life plan needs to have a stated purpose.

Knowing what you want, helps rid of unnecessary fatigue, that’s brought by distractions which aren’t important to you.

Knowing your priorities, helps in unnecessary worry, while preventing you from wasting energy.

Start a journal or a blog, and begin by documenting your dreams, the wishes you had as a child. The first agenda, is listing all your wants.

Do you want to vacation more, have better vibrant health, spend more time with your family.

Once you begin to write things down, the process of grading your priorities, becomes easier.


Constantly Reinvigorate Yourself

Most will become obsessed and stressed about the daily traffic, the work day ahead, the office politics, family chaos, debt. All of the foibles which saps energy out of them.

Then they won’t have fun as they become boring, this because they’re always tired or hassled.

So ask yourself when the last time was you spent quality time, reconnecting with yourself. Perhaps it’s time to take inventory, on your spiritual bearings.

The core foundation of what matters is to live the life you want. What you need is to have a healthy body and mind allowing you to live this life.

Recharge Yourself

You need to be mindfully aware, of your physical and spiritual well-being at all times. Take a time out to recharge, which is what managing stress is all about.

You can begin by answering the following questions:

• Am I too restless?
• Am I getting enough exercise?
• What’s making me feel sick or tired?
• What’s draining out my energy. Is it my loved ones, friends, or job?

What’s known is the state of physical well-being, has a direct impact on the quality of how our lives are. What it directly impacts is our work, business, and relationships.

So what’s vital is maintaining our bodies well, this by eating right, taking nutrients, getting enough sleep and exercise.

Are You Too Easily Satisfied?

To have balance in your life, it becomes mandatory to know what your priorities and objectives are.

The best way to find out, is by knowing exactly where your mindset is at the current moment.

• Are you neglecting yourself, mentally, physically, or spiritually?
• Are you neglecting your spouse, kids, friends, or responsibilities?
• Are you just fulfilling your own commitments?
• Are you operating inside your comfort zone?

If most of the answers are “yes,” then realize you may of become too self-centered and self-serving, than you should be.

This can be overcome, by making a conscious effort towards striving to doing a bit less, than you’re used to.

Having a sense of self-importance, being self-satisfied can become a detriment, this when attempting to create or maintain a stress free life.

Pride, ego, selfishness or conceit, should always be checked.

It’s All About Balance

Most will get lost in their daily lives. The endless “to-do” list that’s forever hectic, such as having countless meetings, keeping track of birthdays, picking up the kids from soccer practice.

The multi-tasking becomes overwhelming, as you’re barely hanging on to the roller coaster ride that is your life.

What’s not realized, is you have the power to manage these everyday stresses, and take control of your life. Activate your plan of action by getting more focused.

Decide which tasks from your daily to-do list, you actually want to do yourself, and then learn how to delegate the rest.

Don’t stress on every crisis or situation. Learn how to work with others, rely on their help instead of doing everything yourself.

Always reward yourself first, constantly pat yourself on the back, acknowledge the things you’ve recently accomplished.

Always Remain Mindful Hopeful

Becoming overwhelmed and stressed out, is a production of your own making and your own demise.

Always keep in mind you have a choice, between feeling good or bad about yourself, and the world around you.

It remains up to you, to say “no” on occasion, to commitments you can no longer keep.

It’s up to you to reject all the negative feelings you have, and say “yes” to optimism. It’s up to you, to live a balanced life.