Build A Better Brain Improve Cognitive Function With Brain Food

buildingabetterbrainwithcognitivethinkingbrainfoodWhat we often do is take our muscles, such as our brains for granted, until unfortunately something happens which makes us then realize how important it is to have excellent Cognitive Function. As we continue to age, the brain will eventually decline and will continuously become less effective, which is not uncommon.

But even for those who are younger, we all need to optimize our cognitivity in order to concentrate effectively when studying for exams, or just generally getting ahead and adapting to life. So whatever your age is, it’s extremely useful to know which foods are usually the most beneficial for maintaining proper brain function, as well as which ones to avoid.

Food which is good for the brain is found in a variety of places as well as sources. Sunshine is one excellent source. Vitamin D3 forms in our bodies when we’re out in the sun, which contributes to an improved mood as well as better memory retention, along with a variety of other health benefits with what raised levels of Vitamin D3 provides.

Fresh clean air is also extremely important. A stuffy or stale environment usually leads to slower much more confused brain functions. So it’s best to get outdoors as much as possible or stay in well ventilated rooms, and you’ll experience noticeable changes in your attitude.

So getting plenty of fresh air, exercising regularly and naturally stimulating the brain with thinking games such as crossword puzzles or “Sudoku,” can all help in maintaining a healthy functional brain. When nutrition is concerned, nothing really beats fresh as well as wholesome natural foods which can stimulate and improve basic brain functionality.

The Best Available Natural Brain Foods

One of the best possible foods for the brain is fresh “cold water” fish, as it contains a vitally important brain food ingredient known as docosahexanoic acid or (DHA). This nutrient is not only required by aging adults, but also helps in developing the brains of infants as well as children.

There has been thousands of studies which prove the benefits of consistently consuming fish oil, the very least being its great impact that these essential oils has on the brain.


Eggs has also proven to be an outstanding food source for better brain function because of its choline content that’s found in the egg yolk. Eggs are also an excellent source of protein, the type which we are unable to function optimally without. There is an old wives tale which states that consuming eggs will raise cholesterol levels, or even cause heart problems, which has been pretty much debunked based on recent studies. So it helps to have an egg or two on a daily basis.

Animal based proteins are important for better brain function. However, it’s important that you consume organic based protein to avoid potential pesticides or chemical growth promoters. Organic animal protein will give your brain a power boost like nothing else can, as animal based protein happens to be one of the best sources of Vitamin B12. Without Vitamin B12, maintaining proper cognitive function will significantly decline. Vitamin B12 also happens to be one of the most vital nutrients that the brain relies on for proper function.

Seeds as well as nuts are excellent lubricants for the brain. Eating the seeds rather than the oils are one of the most natural ways of ingesting healthy fibers as well as other valuable nutrients. Seeds are preferred over oils, as oil can be extremely unstable once they are pressed. The oil also has the potential of becoming rancid rather quickly as well.

Nuts as well as seeds in their raw states, which are preferably organic to avoid any chemical preserving additives, are extremely beneficial as brain foods. Keep in mind however that ‘roasted’ nuts which has been exposed to extremely high heat or deep-fried rather than being roasted in vegetable oil, will lose their nutritional value. Also, the fats will become oxidized which causes free radical damage rather than becoming a beneficial food source.

One fruit source which is exceptional for the brain are blueberries. Fresh organic blueberries is an absolute amazing food source which contains powerful antioxidant benefits, especially beneficial to stimulate the brain. The phytonutrient levels which are found in blueberries are known to be particularly high.

Green leafy foods such as spinach, lettuce, and watercress are full of folic acid, chlorophyll as well as powerful antioxidant nutrients. They’re always bursting with natural healthy goodness which stimulates positive brain activity.

Drinking green tea prevents brain oxidation, which is known as one of the causes of depression, and because of that, it’s classified as a brain food. Green tea also offers other vitally important benefits such as improving mood and memory. Black tea has also been proven to enhance mood as well.

Water is something that we all need to be able to stimulate brain activity. If you’ve ever felt a headache coming on, or felt sleepy and listless, one simple cure can be a fresh glass of water.

That glass of water can have a dramatic effect which can lift your mood as well as your state of alertness. Dehydration has a remarkable interference effect with usual brain activity, so drinking water is essential for maintaining proper brain function.

It’s important that you eat foods which are as natural and organic as possible, rather than those treated with harsh chemicals and sprays for preservation purposes. So this isn’t stating that you shouldn’t cook your food, but you should have a well balanced quantity of raw food on a daily basis.


There are also certain foods which releases their wholesome goodness once they are cooked, such as carrots and tomatoes. Eating foods which are both raw as well as cooked offers the best benefits when optimizing and promoting good brain health.

What Should Be Avoided For Proper Brain Function

Stress is one of the worst! Have you ever been in situations when you feel you just can’t think straight when you’re particularly stressed out. So learning how to relax as well as taking some quality ‘me time,’ by learning to forgive yourself and each other while living a serene lifestyle will greatly improve your brain function. So be as kind as possible to those who are around you and be good to yourself as well.

Not getting enough sleep happens to be one of the most underrated causes of cognitive decline in the brain. Most will need at least 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep every night on average, and you should go to bed at least two hours before midnight. This has proven to be the best for optimal brain function, and the benefits show the next day.

The most unfortunate part is that we are unable to “make up’ our sleep, we need the proper amounts on a nightly basis.

Foods Which Are Bad For The Brain

Hydrogenated oils as well as trans-fats contributes to the oxidation of the brain, also known as ‘rusting.’ They are usually found in margarine, vegetable oils and processed as well as preserved or refined foods.

So make sure that you always read the labels before purchasing, and if you see any of these “bad” fats listed, consider a more healthier alternative. If you like to prepare your food daily and only eat ‘real’ fresh food, you will not obviously encounter these fats which does not benefit the brain.

All “junk food” in general tends to lead towards low-level depression, as well as the oxidation of brain tissue. High sugar intake, which almost everyone in this fast paced modern society is guilty of, needs to be eliminated or decreased.

Absolutely everything is sweetened, if not with sugar, then with equally damaging fructose or artificial sweeteners such as aspartame. So try avoiding all of the different forms of sugar as much as possible, and then see how you and your brain reacts.

What a high-sugar diet does is it will promote naturally higher insulin release, which can have destructive results on the brain, causing damage as well as oxidation. So if you are one who has a sweet tooth, try natural fruits and vegetables instead.

Supplements Which Are Good For The Brain

The proper nutritional supplements can also play a vital role for maintaining better brain health.

Some of the best natural supplements include:
Fish Oil caplets or capsules, particularly if you’re unable to get your daily fresh fish fix regularly. The recommended dosage is around 3g on a daily basis of a high grade natural fish oil
Choline is naturally found in eggs. So if you happen to be allergic to eggs or are intolerant, then you can take it as a supplement. Choline is an excellent source as a brain food.
Rhodiola supplements has proven to be a great source for improving basic brain function. It’s most commonly available in capsule form. It is also helpful for curing mild depression as well as being an excellent food source for cognitive improvement. It has the ability to lift mood as well as raising mental acuity.
Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is a valuable source particularly if you’re experiencing panic as well as depression issues. GABA is a vital neurotransmitter which is involved in regulating mood as well as mental clarity. GABA is derived from the amino acid L-glutamine, which is known to cross the blood and brain barrier while providing the fuel which is needed for the brain to function properly. A shortage of L-glutamine usually reduces IQ levels.
L-glutamine is excellent as a brain fuel, which directly feeds the brain cells. A deficiency of this nutrient can produce that all too familiar ‘foggy thinking,’ as well as fatigue. As L-glutamine is an amino acid which is usually found in animal protein, vegetarians as a result are often deficient.

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