Clinical Steps To Find More Meaningful Purpose In Your Life

Where would you rate yourself on the meaningfulness scale, when it comes to your life and your career so far in life. Honestly gauge, rate yourself. Do you feel you’re at maximum peak, operating, functioning on purpose. After all, it is your life.

Have you met your purpose and are now fulfilling your true calling in life, while acting on them diligently.

That you have definition, and a sense of mindfulness on a daily basis.

What most will do in their life is just react on emotion, on instinct, this when it comes to their livelihood, their career and social life.

Most live their life on autopilot, and just routinely join the “rat-race” treadmill to join their peers.

This happens for a variety of reasons. We get busy, and get stuck in a perpetual rut.

Where Has The Time Gone

We then suddenly realize months, decades of our lives has suddenly slipped by anonymously.

We look at what we currently do in our life, shrug and take the easy, lazy way out.

We become convinced finding meaning and purpose as a result are reserved for those who are motivated. So it’s not for you.

These thoughts are common, as one races towards middle age. You realize you’re selling yourself short, yet feel completely helpless to do anything.

You’re struggling to find meaning on a daily basis, as purpose becomes distorted.

But you’re also seeking to change, entertaining thoughts to do more, that it’s better late than never.

It’s Okay To Want More

You feel completely unfulfilled in your work. You have bigger dreams than this thing called a “job,” and are now longing to find your true calling.

Realize that it’s okay and natural wanting to find something better, more challenging and meaningful.

You can begin slowly as there’s no need to announce to the world, you’re on a life altering mission.

What you need, is to admit it to yourself first and take the next step you need to.


Getting Stuck In Life

Most will convince themselves they’re stuck in their current life rut they’re in for a reason. If it’s meant to change, then their purpose in life will alter.

That if it’s meant to be, fate will interfere, much like a sudden lightening strike or divine intervention.

What we need is to discover our purpose, little by little, and not in one giant moment of enlightenment.

So stop waiting for your life’s purpose to hit you or someone else to do it for you, but instead start taking baby steps to uncover it.

Discover And Follow Your Passion

Begin by following your interests in a certain area, and find ways to spark it.

You know what you enjoy doing, as they’ll be reoccurring over and over again in your life, for extended periods of time.

So discover what interests you, and slowly follow that path. Start reading and researching bits of information, and allow it to develop from there.

Write down what you’re currently interested in, and then see where that interest takes you.

Know How You Feel

When younger, we as children did whatever we wanted, as we had a better sense of ourselves.

But once growing older, as life got more complicated and entrenched, what we lost was our dreams.

Never take this as a sign, that things got off track and you’re a lost cause.

Think back to all the things when younger, what made you feel authentic, which brought out the real you.

What can you do right now, that will reconnect you with that younger self, even just a little bit.

Lose Sense Of Time

Think back to all those moments doing the things you loved, the ones which took your breath away in whatever you were doing.

This to the point you completely lost track of time. When your surroundings got vague, you forget to take a break or eat.

These are the moments that’s known as being in the “flow,” where you engage all of your senses in a task that’s completely absorbing.

These are the moments you should investigate further, as they obviously have meaning to you.

Stop Looking For Permission

We halt progress in our lives, because we’re constantly seeking permission to do something for someone. To always serve others.

It’s a conditioned response we learned from our parents or teachers at school. To obey and listen.

We instinctively seek the “green” light, wait for permission from our mentor, boss, partner, or some type of authority figure.

So if you ever had complete autonomy in your life, freewill, what would you do, where would you go, what would be your next step.

Become Still And Quiet

When was the last time you sat completely still, in quiet contemplation. This could be taking a long drive down the highway by yourself.

When was the last time you sat and meditated in complete solitude, even for a few minutes.

These are the times when all of the answers will flash by you, this on what, who, why, or where. Finding these quiet moments however proves elusive.

Begin by practicing being still on a daily basis, and then begin listening to your whispers, the reason why you do something.

Take The Right Action

What you’re wanting is to formulate your life’s purpose. Discover them, as you don’t need to know how the story unfolds.

If you wait too long, then procrastination interjects and you’ll never get started.

You don’t need to know how each journey starts and ends, or where all the bends in the road are. You just need to take action, and see what happens.

This could be seeking a mentor, researching the interest on the Internet, sitting in silence to find if it’s the right path to take.

Make sure you take action however small it may be, then do so again, as being consistent is the key. Follow the interest as it presents itself.

Commit yourself to taking small steps forward, and see the results. There are signs and meaning everywhere.

You just have to become more aware and mindful, and open yourself to all the possibilities.