How Quick You’re Able To Recover Begins With Forgiveness

how quick you recoverDo you know what your recovery rate is, how long it takes for you to recover, to forget, to get over your grudges or your previous bad behaviors which has gone wrong. The direct actions of others that upset you. Depending on its severity, does it take minutes, hours, a day, a week, never.

The longer that it takes, the more influence that the incident has on your future actions, and the less that you’re able to rebound. So the longer that it takes, the weaker and slower that your reaction rate will be.

What you need to ask yourself is when the last time you got upset with your spouse, partner, siblings, children, or acquaintances for something that they did, hours, a day, a week ago, which still resonates in your mind.

How many times have you missed an opportunity just because you were still clouded with this anger. What a poor recovery rate does is it affects your health, your well being, restricting you from living your life to your fullest potential.

How The Body And Mind Recovers
Once we do cardio exercises, what it does is it quickens our respiratory system while elevating our heart rate. The way that we measure how fit we are is by how fast that our body is able to recover after the exercise.

Likewise, the quicker that you let issues which upsets you dissipate, the quicker that you’ll return to your equilibrium, and the healthier that you’ll be.

For instance, for professional athletes, they realize that the faster they’re able to recover from their shift physically, and how fast they’re able to forget incidents mentally, and move on, the better that their performance will be.

We’re All Actors In Real Life
The role of an actor is to play out a character on stage or film. They have a script, and on that script there are lines and acts which has a start and a finish, an ending.

Each time that they get to the end of their line or act, they need to clear their mind and start fresh on the next act without being affected by the previous one. Their job is to deliver the sentences the best to their ability.

Now translate that to your life, that your life is nothing more than a play, a drama, and you play the main character in that play. Your job is acting out your part to the best of your ability. The better you are, the better chances you have of inspiring or influencing others around you.

Each incident that you face is a new act. So just learn to put a complete stop behind the previous one, and start completely new again. Accept this every time you have a conversation with someone in person, on the phone, or even when sending an email.

Get Over It
When you have a disagreement with someone, you’ve both moved on with life since that incident, so if remembering that last time forces you to bring up the past, doing so halts you from moving forward. It delays you from making new opportunities.

So the next time you see that person who may of upset you, or you upset them, treat it as a completely new situation and occasion, as there’s nothing to be gained from the past.

Consider the incident history, that you’re both in a completely different place now, so hit the reset button and start over.

Consider It To Be Destiny
Some call it destiny. Accept what’s happened in the past as destiny, and just live with it. You can’t change what happened, and sulking won’t help. Analyzing just keeps it fresh in your mind.

Similar to the saying that you can’t enter the same river twice, you’ll never face the same situation again, so there’s no point dwelling on the previous one.

All you can do is correct your thought patterns which activates under certain circumstances, and then stops you from performing your best. You can then look at that habit, dissect it, and then decide how you can change it.


Living For Today
Never live your life in the past. Learn from your mistakes, correct those mistakes in the present, and live a better future. Don’t allow the past to dictate your life, this by learning to recover quickly.

By improving your recovery rate, changing your thought patterns, improving your attitude and behavior, requires a great deal of effort. Once you feel that you need to change, you will.

Once you realize that life isn’t working out, is when you’ll begin putting in more effort to change your immediate behavior, this to improve your recovery rate.

You can then check your progress by measuring how quick you’re able to react from a complete stop. The time that it takes for you to let things go. The time that it takes until you’re able to function at peak performance again.

Forgiveness And Your Rate Of Recovery
Keep in mind that improving your rate of recovery won’t happen immediately, that it takes time and effort. Reflect and measure your progress on how you’re able to recover quicker, this on a daily basis.

Before you go to bed, check your progress. Never say, “I did that wrong, I should have done that better.” But instead, look back at your day and note where you made the effort by placing a complete stop after an incident. Consider that a win.

This means that you’re taking control of your life and making progress. Growing up and not allowing your ego to dictate your life. Keep in mind that this is a process and not a make-over. What you’re doing is undertaking real life altering changes.

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