The Different Types Of Exercises To Diversify Your Workouts

learning how to crossfitJust running or biking on a daily basis can eventually become static, boring, which can lead to injury. So if you’re wanting to add a bit of variety to your workouts, thought about taking a strenuous exercise program or a group fitness class, but haven’t bothered to look, then perhaps it’s time to do so.

There are a wide range of exercises you can try out, different types of classes which will give your heart, lungs, and muscles a workout, elevating your fitness levels. So try a few of them out and then pick one two which you enjoy the most.

Group exercising with others has proven to be extremely energizing, motivating, and before you know it, you will be leaving behind sweat and poundage, burning off hundreds of calories before you realize it.

So inquire at your local health club, fitness or community center in your neighborhood, and sign up for a few class. Most will even offer the initial class for free, then you’re hooked.

Since there are a variety of them to try out, step outside your comfort zone and give those muscles you thought you never had a vigorous workout. The key to enjoying fitness and losing weight is having fun.

Various Unique Exercise Classes

Circuit Training Programs
These are built on a foundation of intense circuit training with a group of others. These intense “bootcamp” type of classes are becoming popular in a variety of different forms.

They’re guaranteed to get your sweat pouring by getting your butt in shape, while you’ll feel absolutely exhausted afterwards. These classes will also provide you with various ideas for working out on your own.

The majority of these boot camp classes will incorporate body weight exercises along with calisthenics. So get prepared to do plenty of rapid fashion lunges, squats, and push-ups all in 60 minutes or less.

Intense Dance Classes
It’s well known that professional dancers across various genres possesses superior fitness levels along with stunning toned physiques. So consider organized dancing to burn off those calories, while reliving all of those “disco” nights, when you moved fluidly on the dance floor.

Various types of dance classes include pole dancing, Zumba, ballroom, belly dancing, and hip-hop classes. If you’re wanting those lean and long well-toned muscles of a ballerina, then try out the Barre classes.

What they focus on is toning along with lengthening those overlooked and under worked muscles. Whatever you like to groove to, dance classes are an excellent way of learning a few new moves, and you’ll forget about all the calories you’re burning.

Yoga Isn’t For Sissies
Yoga is now a mainstream adopted method of fitness and for good reason. Whether you choose hot, warm, or cold, Bikram, or Moksha, whatever your style and preference may be, it’s recommended that everyone should give yoga a try at least once.

Yoga provides benefits for absolutely everyone. If you’re needing a gentle stretch to become more flexible, or if you’re looking for your inner “yogi” to activate, then broaden your horizons and give yoga a try.

Spin Cycle Classes
What you can do is compete with others in a simulated bike race as you effortlessly pump your legs and lungs through an intense virtual spin cycle class. Challenge the other riders through the various intervals, sprints, and climbs, which elevates your heart rate to better fitness.

These are the benefits of taking a modern spin cycle class, which is complete with motivational adrenaline pumping music. Whatever style of spinning class that suits you, make sure that you hydrate as you’re in for an extreme sweat.

Passive Martial Arts
What’s just as popular as the current ultimate fighting craze such as MMA, is taking the training classes to get fit. So join any type of martial arts class, be it Muay Thai, judo, karate, kung-fu, or Brazilian jiu jitsu.

You’ll learn a new way of fitness, learning to kick and punch, while getting an excellent overall body workout. If you’re looking for some extreme training, try Muay Thai or jiu jitsu for intensity.


Conversely, if you’re wanting a more passive mental workout, then try tai-chi, kung fu, or judo.

Why Not Try Crossfit
If you’re looking for measurable results in your fitness workouts, if you’re looking for a strong community based class feel while getting fit, then crossfit might be it.

What crossfit classes offers are extremely competitive high energy sessions which are based on building functional fitness, this by using traditional exercises such as chin-ups, Olympic lifting, box jumps, etc.

So prepare yourself for a vigorous combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercises and get ready to drain a lot of sweat, while gaining lots of muscle pain.

What the extreme intensity which is crossfit renders are noticeable results across every area of your fitness level. This is considered perfect for novices and expert athletes alike, everyone who’s looking to push themselves to higher fitness levels.

Try Combining A Few Classes
If you’re one to get easily bored from working out and don’t enjoy one specific exercise method, then what’s recommended is you trying out the endless “combo” options which are available to you.

What combo classes combines are: biking, boxing, kickboxing, Pilates, yoga, just to name a few. What these combo classes offers are high energy dynamic workouts which are designed to strictly sculpt muscles, burn a lot of fat, while listening to heart pumping motivational tunes.

The Importance Of Recovery
It’s extremely important to recover properly, so what’s recommended is you hitting the pool for some swimming, water running, or riding a stationary bike to recover on your off days.

Recovery is an important process to muscle building and fitness, as what doing so does is it resets the body into its most ideal state, so you can push yourself even harder tomorrow.

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