How Self-Esteem Can Interfere With Your Positive Thoughts

planting seeds in a gardenWhat most want to know is when they’ll become successful, when it’ll pay off because of all their hard work and effort. Realize you become what you think about the most. That there are methods which involves replacing your previous efforts and then surrendering to destiny, this to become more successful.

Believe that everything you do has a purpose, a reason, how you came about reading this is proof, that you’re here for a reason. Something within you triggered to seek out a path, that you wanted to change in your life, to find a better way.

What you’re going to discover isn’t anything new, but presented differently, however the end result is the same, and has existed since the dawn of mankind. You’ll learn that by taking just simple courses of predefined action, and then following these time tested leads, that your life, attitude, health, and abundance will manifest towards you.

The Power That Is Positive Thinking
For some, positive thinking is nothing but mumbo-jumbo mystical nonsense. For others it’s a theory and a practice which works. If you genuinely believe that good things will happen to you, then there will be some type of cataclysmic shift in the energies which are surrounding you, which has the power for those good things to occur.

For all those who believe that the actual power of positive thinking works, there are an equal number if not more skeptics who think that it’s nothing but a bunch of New Age drivel. One thing for certain, both sides are right.

All you can think of is one thought at a time, negative or positive. Those who choose to think positive activates a system of beliefs. You either remain optimistic or you don’t. You’re right either way.

Like any other process, the key when it comes to making positive thinking work is by starting small. Plant the seeds, tend and cultivate them until you have a mental garden that eventually harvests a phenomenal crop. Then anything is thought to be possible with the power of positive thinking.

You Get What You Think
If you’re full of bubbly enthusiasm and zest, then what you attract back in abundance is the equal enthusiasm and zest. This is the core belief of positive thinking. It’s more of a contagious disease than it is a theory.

Just as negativity can quickly spread quickly from person to person, so can happiness and humor. Negative thoughts however can spread farther and faster. But realize that the fastest way of diffusing a tense situation is by injecting humor. The instance that someone smiles, then laughs, a sense of relief then spreads.

Think that the seeds of belief are already there in you. The next step is clearing out your thoughts of doubt, the weeds, while getting ready to plant more “positive” seeds.

Replacing Negative Thoughts
Begin small, take baby steps, this particularly if you’re not yet believing that it will work. It’s one thing to say, “Tomorrow, I’ll sleep in and then feel dozy for the rest of the day,” which is abstractly different from saying, “Tomorrow, once I wake up, I will become independently wealthy” which is a stretch.

Positive thinking will slowly begin to replace your negative thoughts, making small shifts in your temperament. In order for you to make room for these new thoughts, you’ll need to consciously begin to extract all the old negative thoughts which you’ve stored throughout your life.

For most, this becomes a gradual process. As you begin to witness your positive thinking beginning to work for you, one step at a time, you’ll slowly begin clearing away all those unused ones. You’ll begin cultivating the seeds of change.

Just Embrace It All
Find out what it is that’s holding you back. Even for those who completely grasps the concept of positive thinking, will often feel doubt when entrusting their lives to mere thoughts, even if they’re completely positive.

There are also silent thoughts which are potentially producing weeds in your mental garden, and the best way of ridding them is by just yanking them out, completely from its roots.

There will be stumbling blocks, barriers that most will encounter while on this path to positive thinking, along with effective ways of overcoming them while laying down a firm foundation for a healthier life.

It Begins And Ends With Self-Esteem
The definition of self-esteem is showing self respect or pride in oneself. It became public awareness over half a century ago as a catch-all phrase to address poor parenting problems back then.


The traditional methods of parenting were thought to be barbaric and damaging to building self-esteem in the youth, so as a result, most parents became fearful and felt guilty of raising their children who were unhappy and ill-adjusted.

What this ultimately led to was a movement of injecting self esteem in the children, and as a result, a generation of them were created. The looking out for Number 1, “me-first” generation.

Then another sub-generational shift occurred. Most were then told that thinking too highly of oneself is selfish and egotistical, vain, and an undesirable trait.

We got the advice that putting ourselves first, ahead of others was seen as counter productive. After all, self love is the first sign of narcissism. Most wanted to feel good about themselves, but then felt guilty about it, and once again, self-esteem became suppressed.

The Tipping Point Of Self-Esteem
What’s developed as a result are conflicting viewpoints, that self-esteem is a slippery emotion to corner. It becomes important to strike a balance between becoming greedy and being modest.

It takes practice to convince yourself that you’re worthwhile and deserving, while keeping in mind that you’re not the centerpiece, the focal point of the universe.

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