How To Know You’re On The Right Track To Improving Your Life

pulling yourself out of struggleNo one said that life was easy, that it’s a smooth silky road where you get whatever you want. We all go through life’s ups and down, bumps on the road, and it can appear that things aren’t getting any better, that your life isn’t improving as you like.

You may be caught in the winds of change, uncertainty, looking around, looking over your shoulder to see if you’re making any progress. Waiting anxiously to see if any of the ghosts of the past comes creeping back to you, and playing havoc on your life.

So what’s ordered is to look ahead instead, to change the direction of your focus going forward, which contributes to the healing process. Learning to crawl back to the supernatural life that you’re destined to live, to live an extraordinary life.

You’re Instilling Routine
Your life is beginning to fall back into place. You’re performing all of the regular routines. The bills are being paid on time, grocery lists being made, choosing to eat healthier, all adjustments which may appear simple in nature for many.

But these are times when you’ve lost someone, lost a job, and you’re forced in the depths of reinventing yourself, undertaking major life changes.

There are daggers that life throws your way which prevents you from taking care of these basics of life, so doing them feels pretty good.

Others Admire Your Inner Strength
There are others who notices your stronger resolve, how resilient you’ve become, they’re taking notice to let you know. They have their own life to lead, but is taking the time to acknowledge yours.

So take it in and bask the glory when others throw compliments your way, this when you’re fighting through your challenges.

Most often, we’ll just brush off these compliments, usually because accepting them just reminds us of the difficult times we’ve been through, which can then bring all those bad feelings back.

So the key is to listen intently, listen between the lines, this to what others are saying to you, take them as genuine, and then allow yourself to believe them.

Getting Over Your Self-pity
Although you may still be crying inside, still feel sad, angry, or mad, you’re not externally showing these emotions as much anymore, as you’ve passed that stage.

What you do is feel better about your life, the baby steps you’re taking. Just embrace that you’re doing better everyday, even if it’s just small insignificant improvements, and congratulate yourself on them.

You’re Getting More Accomplished
You’re beginning to get a lot more done. Once you begin to get over all the emotional healing, what doing so does is it frees up more energy to do the things which are more creative.

Once you feel yourself getting back to your same old self, you can then begin to take more strides in your productivity, while enjoying the process more than you did in the past.

You Begin To Establish A New Life Path
You begin to rethink and renovate your life’s path. You realize that you’re in new territory emotionally, so you decide to set new ground rules.

Maybe you’re lifelong dream has been to travel the world, or become a writer, heck, why not become a travel writer.

Now is the time to tackle those pursuits that you’ve always wanted to do. Making sweeping changes will bring more happiness by realizing your dreams. This will propel you in a new direction.


Being More Positive In Your Life
What you shun is negativity as you know that’s the default switch to bad feelings. You begin to reevaluate all of your relationships and friends, which is natural during this time.

Those who constantly drops in and out of your life, this in your social circle or support groups, may have lost their faith in you, and may no longer want to be around you.

Others don’t stick around because they just can’t or bother to offer you their emotional support. So just stick with those who remain, and just choose these types of people.

You Begin To See Hope
The first rule if you’re digging yourself into a hole, is to stop digging. You now see a bright shining light at the end of the tunnel, although you remain wary that it may be an oncoming train.

You also realize that this is also just a normal part of reconstructing yourself, parts to the emotional healing process. As time passes along, the light gets brighter and you know it’s a brand new world beyond.

You’re Becoming More Social
Your life is becoming more socially active. More people are starting to invite you over, and you’re cheerfully accepting and becoming receptive to all the reaching out.

You are also beginning to open yourself up by inviting people over, now that you feel safer about yourself and the new foundation you’ve built.

You’re Physically Responding Better
You no longer have that queasy unbalanced feeling in your stomach, that feeling you might tip over, stumble, and fall.

Your energy is a lot higher, you feel stronger. You haven’t gotten sick in months, as you know you’re on the right path to healing.

You’re Life Begins To Matter
Knowing that you matter to others is an important part of most lives. The feeling that you’re contributing, knowing that you’re making a difference on some level of humanity. That what you want is to be known as a good person.

Who you are and what you choose to do with your life becomes important. Whenever you’re not able to be at your best, this when you’ve been through a difficult time, is when you’ll become a better person on the other side.

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