How To Win In Life By Never Giving Up On Yourself

Whether your goal is to further your career or business. To succeed in love and romance, excel in sport, gain fame and notoriety, lose weight or any other personal ambition. Staying motivated while keeping your attention focused on your ultimate goal, remains key.

Becoming distracted is easy, by letting failure derail your plans which will never allow you to get what you want.

The only way to win, is to keep on working on the goals you set.

What you need is to continue to strive to achieve your dreams despite any setbacks, failures, distractions, and mistakes you make.

Worst Case Scenario

At the start of every day, think about the absolute worst thing that could happen to you during the day.

How likely is it things could or would get so bad? Probably not very likely.

Remind yourself even if the worst occurs, you have what it takes to overcome any situation, regardless of how terrible it may be. Remind yourself you’re prepared for it.

It’s A Journey And Not A Destination

Living in the moment while being mindful, is the best source of motivation you can find.

Enjoy the day to day experience of living your life, both when things are going well and especially when they’re not.

It will give you a better appreciation of who you are, and what you can contribute to the world around you.

Power Yourself Up

Success requires a lot of energy, more than failure does. To get what you want, you’ll need the physical strength to achieve it.

Take care of your body, exercise regularly, eat right and eliminate processed foods, fast foods and other toxins from your body and environment.

This will strengthen your body, mind and your will. Doing so will give you the endurance to do whatever you want to accomplish. Once you feel better, you’ll be and do better!

Today Is All You Can Influence

Accomplishing long term goals, is a mindful moment by moment activity.

You can’t change what happened in the past, but you can influence what will happen in the future, by focusing on achieving the goals you set daily.

Do the very best you can with what you have to work with right now. Once you do, the future will take care of itself.


Bring Inspired Passion

People who don’t care about themselves or others, rarely succeed. Passion is part emotion and part commitment.

If you have commitment but no passion, your work will be dull. If you have passion but no commitment, your work will be unfocused.

But once you combine the two towards everything you do each day, nothing can stop you.

Create A Motivational Environment

Your workplace needs to inspire you, whether it’s an office, the playing field, or wherever you are going to spend the biggest part of your day.

Make it a place you will want to look forward to going. Make sure it’s always neat, organized and trash and clutter free.

Include motivational triggers that will remind you of your goals and dreams, and inspire you to keep striving to achieve them.

Your Word Is Your Bond

Living up to the promises you make, both big and small, is what defines you in the eyes of others.

Always stand by your word, and take what you speak of with the utmost seriousness.

This will improve your personal and professional reputation, and also motivate you to get things done.

By locking yourself into living up to your verbal commitments, you can create the inspiration you need to live up to the biggest promises you make to yourself

You can then achieve your greatest ultimate goals.

Share Your Knowledge With Others

Once you share what you know with others, you will create a new confidence in yourself.

This happens especially when you see others achieve their goals because of your help.

When you help other people, it can also create a clarity in your own mind about where your true talents lie, and what you are capable of doing.

Nurture Positive Habits

Around 80% of the things you do each day are habitual, meaning we do them without thinking about them.

Developing good habits and breaking bad habits, will allow you to spend more than half your time working towards your goals on auto-pilot.

Make a list of the successful habits you need to develop, then train yourself to start performing them daily until they become second nature.

Jump Out Of Bed

Begin your day with a flourish, and that intensity can follow you the rest of the day.

Give yourself a great reason to get out of bed every morning, and then attack the day with a high level of passion and intensity.

Every day holds at least one exciting thing. Ask yourself, “What will today’s be?”

Use Measurable Objectives

You can accomplish any goal by breaking it down into a series of smaller steps.

Set a long-term goal for yourself, then create milestones to measure how close you are getting to achieving it each day, week and month.

Mark your milestones down on a calendar, and hang it somewhere you’ll see every day.

Celebrate your victories, and correct the ones that fall behind.

The Power Of Intensity

You can do anything for at least 10 minutes, right?

Whenever you are feeling tired, beaten or worn out, or are facing an unpleasant task. Commit yourself to working intensely for the next ten minutes.

Usually, by the time the ten minutes are up, you will have found a new solution or something else to inspire you to keep going.

Pushing yourself to get started, can give you the momentum to push past obstacles.

Start Small Grow Big

Remind yourself all of the small tasks you perform each day, are leading towards your ultimate objective. Focus not just on what you are doing, but why you are doing it.

What will be the long-term result of the hundreds of tiny short-term tasks, you perform each day?

You can motivate yourself during the “small stuff,” by thinking about how they will shape you as a person.

Always Be Grateful

Say “Thank you” more often than you do now. People appreciate it when you appreciate them.

Being grateful creates humility, and humility leads to grace, which fills the heart.

By practicing gratitude until it becomes second nature, the list of things in your life you are grateful for will grow larger each day.

Gratitude is also the opposite of complaining. By being positively grateful, you can avoid the negativity of whining.

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