Improve Your Online Marketing By Adding Fortified Zest & Appeal

When it comes to marketing, you need to be remarkable, stand ahead of everyone else. There are 1,000’s of marketing messages which bombards online consumers on a daily basis, so you can’t afford to be bland. You need to adopt all of the proven strategies that you can, this to attract your most ideal customer.

Being boring, being vanilla is one thing you can’t afford when it comes to marketing. All you have is just mere seconds to convey your message to your targeted audience. It needs to solve a pain, to be memorable thus remarkable. To inject a belief which solidly resonates over time.

Your marketing message needs to be bold, brilliant, and outstanding, which activates the exact hurt, emotion, or excitement that your reader is looking for, this to infuse a solution into their mindset. Be breathtaking since you only have milliseconds to do so.

Be Visual
There’s plenty of ways to get attention. One of the best proven ways is by being visual. A picture still speaks a thousand words, as it can instantly relay an immediate message.

So think abstract, force the viewer to think “what the heck?” Also include a picture of your product, yourself, allowing everyone to understand who and what you’re all about, and what you can do for them.

Use The Right Colors
Different colors stimulates different emotions, which injects different marketing messages. Brilliant yellow activates high levels of attention. Red or orange indicates quickness.

Green nurtures money and health, Black represents power and strength, but also blends into the background. Purple projects royalty and wealth.

Know which types of colors, draws your ideal customer to your product or service. Display the message that you’re wanting to, by showing your mood. Make sure you keep the same color theme throughout your presentation. Never be distracting or chaotic.

Use Technology
Add video to your website, as most prefer sight and sound rather than text, as that’s the path to least resistance. The ease and affordability of technology now makes this possible. What it does is develops immediate rapport with your audience.

What everyone now has are devices which displays full streaming video, so take advantage of instantly communicating your business visually, to capture their interest.

Encourage Readers To Take Action
What motivates people is they seeing or reading action orientated material. Then they feel empowered to take action themselves. Clinically test the exact visuals, colors, and videos which works the best, so they’ll react to your marketing message.

Always keep up with what converts online. Set up your sales funnel, so you can lead your visitors down the rabbit hole to take action. Find out what successful marketers are doing, and then emulate them.

Target Your Audience
Your brilliant marketing content should speak directly to your targeted audience. It begins with defining who your target market is. Is it work at home moms, singles, seniors, home owners, health or relationship seekers.

The words you use to attract moms, are radically different from the words used to communicate with a CEO. The words you use needs to fit your audience. If they don’t, there will be immediate disconnect.

Tell Them “What’s In It For Me?”
You need to answer to your audience, ”What’s in it for me?” The reason why anyone bothers to look at your visuals, reads your content, views your videos, is what you can do for them.

People are busy, they’re easily distracted, while being inundated by your competition or the latest cat video. The only way to capture their attention is by speaking about their hurts and needs. They have a problem or issue that they want solved, and they’re looking for solutions.

A captivating marketing message, is one that speaks about the most common issues that your target audience is facing. Communicating how you can solve those issues quickly and affordably, becomes critical to they taking action.


Ask The “Yes” Questions
If you’re wanting to capture their attention, immediately ask them questions that they’ll answer yes to. Whether it’s in your headline, the first paragraph of your content, or a survey. Make sure that it’s worded so the reader will nod their head, and will consistently respond with a firm yes.

Saying “yes” opens the floodgates for people up to accept more feedback, where “no” quickly turns them off. These questions need to help the reader identify with what you’re saying, giving them the assurance that you have the solution.

Features And Benefits
Never tell people what you do. Instead, tell them your features and benefits on what they can get, so they’ll take action. A feature is some type of aspect of the product, where a benefit is the result or feeling that they’ll experience, because of that feature.

For example, a health website might feature the latest innovations in baby care and services. The benefit for the new mother is that she’ll feel confident, secure, and peace of mind that she and her baby will be cared for.

Be Remarkable By Being Unique
Show how you, your product, or services are unique. Force them to remember you, this because you’re different. Be remarkable enough so that your reader, will voluntarily comment or share you with others.

Word of mouth advertising still remains the best advertising method, because it costs you nothing, while this social sharing via testimonials, speaks volumes about you.

Are you able to relate yourself to someone else in history? Are you the first at doing something and breaking new ground? Are you using unique ingredients in your products, or employing specialized knowledge in what you offer?

What knowing and then defining what your specialty is, will make your marketing message unique, memorable, and remarkable.