It’s Your Choice If You Want To Be Happy Or Sad In This World

So just be happy, it can be that easy. Just choose to do this one thing. But happiness is hard work, as it’s a conscientious state of contentment we’re all striving for, but seldom seem to reach. Most believe it’s attainable provided they really want it, oh to be happy.

It becomes a fragile existence once we realize, we can’t command instant happiness at will.

We’re constantly wading in the shallow waters where our emotions dare to take us. What we experience instead is a complete array of emotions from the quirks of life.

There are steps however we can all take to encourage ourselves to attract this happiness.

It’s usually the little things we do, all performed with persistent mindfulness, which generates and trains the brain just to be happier.

Set Better Intentions
What’s known is our brains are extremely trainable, even at old age, turning the things we want into habits.

Some will meditate to gain control of their minds, to live more in active harmony with the universe.

What you can do is guide your mind to function to your benefit, and the best way is to find access to your vivid dreams, and then force feed them into your subconscious.

Some will remember their dreams distinctly while others may draw a haze once the coffee kicks in.

There are several ways to cultivate this ability, the most effective being thinking about remembering your dreams before going to sleep.

As you lie awake, bring to your attention you’re wanting to remember your dreams once you fall asleep.

Insist you’ll mentally note what you dream about, then write them down once you wake up.

Once you remember, you’ll have a feeling of accomplishment, that you guided your mind and it’s working positively for you. Then fulfill those dreams the best you can.

Breathe Deep While Scanning Your Body
What you’re doing is reviewing and setting intentions. During this time, you may of also inadvertently made your mind overactive.

What’s required is preparing your body and mind to relax enough to fall asleep.

Do so by taking a few long deep breaths, let go of all the stress and buildup of the busy day. Once you’re ready, then focus on relaxing your body.


Close your eyes and take inventory of your entire body, beginning from your toes, legs and torso, your back and stomach, your arms, neck, and shoulders, and finally your head.

While doing this, relax all these areas while not judging the sensations you’re feeling, or condemn yourself for any distractions you may have.

You’ll gradually become more calm as you begin to fall asleep. Just flow with the scan of your body, as gently giving attention to every body part will have a dramatic soothing effect.

Give Yourself And The World Some Love
As you’re drifting off, analyze the source of pain from your body scan or the negativity from the memories of the day.

Focus by gently placing attention on that area, allowing the pain to drain out.

Treat yourself like you would if it’s your child or partner and they’re in discomfort. Touch, hold, caress, warmly embrace yourself to rid of the pain.

Practice deep breathing techniques such as the 4-7-8 method, this to fill your mind with calm and peace. If the pain is more psychological than emotional, then focus on your heart and chest area.

Be mindful that the love you’re giving yourself is the same love which extends out to the universe, and that when you’re nurturing yourself, your surroundings will then begin to fill with bright light.

Treat yourself and others with kindness, which shows how thankful you are, to be part of this magical world. There’s nothing better than living a life by showing your gratitude.

Create A Resolution Passage For Yourself
Write a passage of words which describes your intentions or resolutions. Make these words a verse of wishes that you’re extremely determined about, this with the ultimate goal of making positive changes in your life, and then read it out loud daily.

It’s suggested that you decide on just one passage of words at a time, and that it be short and literal, phrased positively. It should be worded in a manner which attracts the success you’re wanting, and has already been realized and generating.

Initially attempt to get to the core of your deepest desires or goals, this rather than focusing on the superficial ones. For instance, “I’m strong and I am healthy” or “My life right now is exactly how I want it to be” or “I am free now from my addiction.”

By achieving a firm resolution regarding a positive direction that you want your life to take, what you’re doing is training your brain to become more responsive to accept these changes. What it does is it bridges the mind and the body, making everything work in sync.

Be Thankful For Everything
Showing gratitude has amazing effects, so take a moment just to say Thank You. Thank the day you’ve just had, for the honor, the privilege of having lived another day. Being able to participate in this crazy thing called life.

Don’t labor or fret or have regret over the things left undone. Instead, assume a detached point of view, this by observing without judgement the few things that you were proud of or accomplished today, along with the things you could have done a tad better.

What doing so will foster the awareness of your goals and behaviors, guiding you towards your ideas. Make a mental note that you’ll be better next time, to improve tomorrow, this through your words and actions, measuring higher aspirations for yourself.

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