How To Remove The Dark Passenger That Is Your Inner Critic

Yes, it’s all about you, the serial poster on Facebook and Twitter. You look extremely happy and full of yourself in your selfies, as you blare out countless posts about your gratifying fulfilled life. You cry how happy you are as a hip citizen of the earth.

But what that glossy eyed look and smile on your face of your latest photo reveals, is a desperation of seeking attention, as you silently shout out for help.

It’s the cry of insecurity, that’s most noticeable. What’s revealed is your deep dark …

Ways To Eliminate Your Dark Passenger That Is Self Criticism

Look at you on Facebook, you look so happy as you blare out countless posts of your gratifying life. How complete you are, yet that glossy eyed look into your selfie reveals a desperation of seeking attention, as you silently shout out for help. It’s that void of insecurity that’s most noticeable.

What’s revealed is your deep dark passenger that’s haunting your aura, that you constantly need assurance from others, this because of your core belief that you’re not good enough. For many, this inner critic is so deeply ingrained …

Ways To Make Changes In Your Life Which Becomes Permanent

writing down your goalsAnytime is a good time to take inventory of your life, and decide to make positive changes for the future. The intent is there but what becomes difficult is undertaking the process, the physical and mental motivation that’s needed to actually make it work, to take action.

What you’re wanting is to go on a diet to lose weight, decide to quit that bad habit, to generally implement bigger more improved ways to organize and rearrange you life, such as finding a new job or mate. The optimism and the …

It’s Your Choice If You Want To Be Happy Or Sad In This World

So just be happy, it can be that easy. Just choose to do this one thing. But happiness is hard work, as it’s a conscientious state of contentment we’re all striving for, but seldom seem to reach. Most believe it’s attainable provided they really want it, oh to be happy.

It becomes a fragile existence once we realize, we can’t command instant happiness at will.

We’re constantly wading in the shallow waters where our emotions dare to take us. What we experience instead is a complete array of emotions from …

Why You Need To Know Yourself First Before Setting Any Goals

how to reach goalsSome think that success becomes easier for those who have a pleasant personality, which isn’t saying you should bend and agree to what everyone says. But rather develop an attitude which is respectful to the opinion of others, while remaining true to your own beliefs.

Be as flexible as possible while staying in your range. Avoid being rigid, a stiff bore who can’t accept or adapt to another persons opinion, especially when it’s a better solution than your own. Be willing, even eager to learn something new and refreshing from …