Ways To Make Changes In Your Life Which Becomes Permanent

writing down your goalsAnytime is a good time to take inventory of your life, and decide to make positive changes for the future. The intent is there but what becomes difficult is undertaking the process, the physical and mental motivation that’s needed to actually make it work, to take action.

What you’re wanting is to go on a diet to lose weight, decide to quit that bad habit, to generally implement bigger more improved ways to organize and rearrange you life, such as finding a new job or mate. The optimism and the hope, as you plan for changes is invigorating.

The problem however is that most of these grand schemes are just dreams, which are promptly forgotten once the clock ticks forward, as the busy hectic workday looms, as the sun sets on another exhausting day.

But there are ways on keeping these aspirations alive, and following through on making lasting changes. This could be to reduce the waistline or increase the bank account. There are key moves you can make to transforming your wishes into reality.

Strength Of Motivation
Those who are really wanting to change will often begin by sitting down and drafting out a plan on paper. By stating how much that they’re “wiling” to make changes, and what they want to keep the same.

To begin, honestly list all the unwanted issues and the behaviors which are associated with it. This could be the satisfaction you get from eating junk food, or the stress relief that’s realized by having a drink after work.

Then write down what you’ll gain, such as being slimmer, healthier, get better sleep, feel emotionally vibrant, increased self-esteem, being able to wear those clothes again.

Make sure that the advantages of making the change outweighs keeping that bad habit around. Recognize all of the benefits that you’ll reap, and since you have them written down, it becomes a commitment to make the changes.

The New You
You need to vision an effective intervention towards making that desired change, this by imagining that you’ve already made your goal, then interview yourself on how you were able to do it.

Once assuming you can succeed by making the changes you want, you’re also then assuming that you have the motivation and the capacity within you to succeed. You need to convince yourself of this.

Say that you’ve lost 10 pounds, created a home office to start your business, or got that dream job. Document how you got there. Get someone you trust to interview you on how you did it.

How did you keep yourself motivated, what steps did you take daily, how did you avoid procrastination, overcome temptations, and not fall back on your old habits. Which actions helped the most, how did you feel once you reached your goal.

Doing this type of interview is an extremely powerful method of making successful changes, this by identifying your mistakes, strengths, and motivations.

Make sure you record and write down your action steps as a guide going forward, for any new changes that you’re wanting to make in your life.

Setting Realistic Goals
This isn’t making judgment on the quality of your goals, but make sure they’re attainable. Goals are often too vague and thus bound to fail from the start, such as “I want to lose weight.”

Most goals are also difficult to measure or are just unrealistic. “I want to lose 50 pounds by summer.” So what’s needed is focusing on smaller more action orientated goals. One’s which are easy to track, measure, and document.

Create smaller goals which contributes to a larger goal. Always set a time frame to complete the goal, enjoy the success, and then work on the next one. Establish routine, make tweaks which moves you away from old habits towards your new goals.


Have A Rewards Program
Although reaching the goal should be rewarding by itself, what helps is having a dangling carrot by establishing specific, satisfying rewards, which are contingent on ultimately completing that goal.

It feels great once you’ve finally finished that big project at work, which you’ve been working on for months. It feels infinitely better when knowing that you’ve earned a weekend getaway at the cottage, spa session, or some “alone time” after completion.

Have something that’s specific to reward yourself with, something that you enjoy doing, and then have the discipline to reward yourself this only once you’ve reached that goal.

Just make sure that the reward doesn’t work against or interfere with achieving your goal, such as splurging on a box of chocolates, which completely undermines your weight loss efforts. If you’re wanting to stop drinking or smoking, a night out dancing won’t help.

Mindful Discipline
These strategies will only work once you actively apply them. Taking action, is the difference when it comes to wanting all of your worthwhile hopes and dreams that you want, to become true.

Prepare yourself, since any change is a difficult process as it can be a struggle, so keep yourself focused and stay on track. Every once in a while, you will stumble while on your journey to achieving your goals, so don’t get beat by self-defeat.

What’s known is that once you’re able to show compassion towards yourself during those moments, is when you’ll succeed. Beating yourself up just leads to destructive behavior, while showing patience, forgiveness and gratitude, keeps you on track.

Some changes can be so drastic, that the obstacles of reaching that goal might appear too large, that you may need to alter the outcome, or seek help from someone who specializes in motivational development.

With the right support and the proper planning, you can make any change that you want in your life.

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