How You Can Strive To Become An Extraordinary Person In This Life

Most of us are born into this world with good health, and share similar attributes. We’re gifted with a logical brain, and a mindful forgiving soul full of gratitude. What it comes down to, are the unique experiences of our lives, that transforms us into who we become, this one day at a time. From these humble beginnings, some become timid or narcissistic, some become derelict or criminal, while a certain few become extraordinary.

Becoming extraordinary isn’t necessarily reserved for those who are privileged, with high IQ’s, the beautiful or …

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Take The Wheel Of Life Quiz To Find How Successful Your Life Is

wheel-of-lifeThe wheel of life, is a life map quiz that you can take, which will reveal how successful your current overall life is. How much you’ve accomplished, what state of mind you’re at, this as a measurement on living a complete life. What the assessment does is reveals your present life, mentally and physically.

If you don’t happen to score high in a particular area, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve failed, but it’s more of an indicator. What it tells you is that particular area of your life may …

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Ways To Make Changes In Your Life Which Becomes Permanent

writing down your goalsAnytime is a good time to take inventory of your life, and decide to make positive changes for the future. The intent is there but what becomes difficult is undertaking the process, the physical and mental motivation that’s needed to actually make it work, to take action.

What you’re wanting is to go on a diet to lose weight, decide to quit that bad habit, to generally implement bigger more improved ways to organize and rearrange you life, such as finding a new job or mate. The optimism and the …

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Taking Action Steps To Start The New Year Off On The Right Foot

stepping into the new yearDon’t attract that attention just to gratify your own low self-esteem, by making everything about you. Oh look at me, oh pity me, look at all my pictures on Facebook. Lets see how many likes I can get, lets see how many comments I can get, I’m so lovable and adorable.

Grow up, no one cares. What’s more important is finding yourself, and it’s not because someone says they love you. Then you need to attention horde and announce it. Instead of getting instant gratification by how much others like …

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How You Too Can Become An Extraordinary Person In This Life

to become betterThe majority of us are born into this world with the same attributes. A brain and a soul. It’s the experiences of our lives which transforms us into who we are, this one day at a time. From these experiences, some become timid, some become criminal, others become extraordinary from humble beginnings.

So becoming extraordinary isn’t reserved for those with high IQ’s, the beautiful or the rich, nor the privileged or the powerful. Extraordinary people are rather molded, they develop from even the most ordinary of lives.

They’re the ones …

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Steps To Take When Faced With Life’s Most Daunting Challenges

facing all your challengesWe’re all faced with challenges, roadblocks on a daily basis, this in our immediate lives and more on a macro scale. We constantly face adversity in our lives such as illnesses, injury, grief, divorce, human loss, or venturing haphazardly into an unknown future.

Under usual circumstances when challenged, what we’ll do is turn away from it if possible, this our innate nature rather than facing it head on. We’re masters of avoidance and denial, turning the other cheek, staying away from any immediate or pending danger.

But we should be …

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