How You Too Can Become An Extraordinary Person In This Life

to become betterThe majority of us are born into this world with the same attributes. A brain and a soul. It’s the experiences of our lives which transforms us into who we are, this one day at a time. From these experiences, some become timid, some become criminal, others become extraordinary from humble beginnings.

So becoming extraordinary isn’t reserved for those with high IQ’s, the beautiful or the rich, nor the privileged or the powerful. Extraordinary people are rather molded, they develop from even the most ordinary of lives.

They’re the ones who grasp the belief that anything is possible in this life. What we can do is list a number of extraordinary people whom we admire, our sports hero’s, those who excel in business or entertainment.

They inspire us emotionally, they become mentors, setting examples that achievement in life is possible. They could be a relative who’s helped us believe in our dreams, friends who’s garnered a wide circle of acceptance for all to share.

Those who’ve become extraordinary, their character can be narrowed down to few common denominators, as their lives all share certain identifiable traits.

Their Focus Is On Intent
What our current culture demands is that we need to accumulate more. More such as in more money, this so we can accumulate more assets, more friends, more things than our peers.

What evolution didn’t promise us is that getting “more” would make us happier, as even money can go so far. Although there’s less anxiety being rich, wealth also has its detriments, such as affecting the ability to appreciate extraneous values.

Someone who’s extraordinary will tell you it’s the intrinsic qualities which brings true happiness, things which brings personal growth and emotional intimacy.

Focusing on the extrinsic however, such as physical attractiveness, fame, and wealth, can damage ones well-being providing a sense of emptiness.

Those who are extraordinary instinctively avoid joining the crowd who are spinning their wheels on the hamster wheel of life. Instead, they keep their focus on “being” rather than “having or getting.”

Show Kindness With Empathy
Any walk of life, regardless of what a person does, what their occupation is, the world and society does is honor those who are kind. This could be the doorman who knows you by name, the employer who celebrates your milestones or your birthdays, showering you with balloons and cake.

We all know, remember, and appreciate people like this, those who are nice. They’re special and stand out because they have that gift of making us feel special, important. The best thing about kindness is that it can work both ways.

It’s always great to be on the receiving end of the “niceness,” but what you can always do is return the favor, as it feels even better to extend courtesy towards someone, without expecting anything back in return.

No One Is Perfect
Those who are extraordinary and stand out, fail more often than you think. They’re the ones who’ll take a risk, put themselves out there, this despite their imperfections. What the ordinary will do is spend their time waiting for that perfect moment.

What the ordinary want is to become safe and sure, become immune before doing anything daring. They then lose opportunities and relationships which can’t be recovered, as they squander away their chances. What’s ignored are the gifts they were born with, the unique contributions that only they can make.

Those who are extraordinary realize and understand that failure, criticism, and rejection is the price to pay for taking a risk. This for trying, overcoming the fear of stepping out of their comfort zone, knowing that defeat doesn’t always equal unworthiness.

This willingness to become vulnerable allows them to pursue their dreams while tapping into their creative powers. Adopting this mindset creates a safe haven for those in their own space, this so they can feel inspired when giving their best shot.


The Ability To Connect With Others
There has been countless studies based on those who have become successful, those extraordinary among us, and the values that they have. What they’ve achieved in their lives is the ability to connect with others, their fellow man.

Those who display extraordinary achievement all understand this simple ability, yet most don’t bother or care. What they do is make others, whomever they may be a priority.

They care about your welfare, constantly asking questions regarding how you’re doing, and genuinely care about your answers. These are the individuals who’ll make us feel love towards them, just because we’re heard and valued.

Extraordinary people are also able to connect with themselves, pay attention to their feelings first, while respecting their own needs, just like they do with others.

They Find True Happiness In Life
What the masses will do is spend their lives searching for happiness, and once they think they find it, they’ll despise it. They temper the joy, feeling that they don’t deserve it somehow, or it won’t last for long, so why bother.

That happiness is taboo, that they’ll be somehow jinxed if they bask in it, that once they get that tingling sensation where their nerves swell with joy, this once they’ve accomplished something or see a loved one, they imagine something bad will happen.

What extraordinary people will do is treat these same feelings with gratitude. They’re not fooling themselves or anyone else, as they know that happiness can easily come and go, so they’ll just accept it once it comes their way.

They’re thankful, they feel worthy that they’ve received it, and will pay it forward. What they’ll do is seek out these moments of joy, cherish them, and feel that they genuinely deserve it.

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