How To Eliminate Your Dark Passenger That Is Self Criticism

Look at you on Facebook, you look so happy as you blare out countless posts of your gratifying life. How complete you are, yet that glossy eyed look in your latest selfie reveals a desperation of seeking attention, as you silently shout out for help. It’s the void of insecurity that’s most noticeable.

What’s revealed is your deep dark passenger that’s haunting your aura, as you constantly need assurance from others, because of your core belief you’re not good enough.

For many, this inner critic is so deeply ingrained within their psyche, it becomes difficult to distinguish it from their reality.

But once doing so, what’s exposed is something that’s powerful and painfully prevalent. What’s known is the average person will self-criticize themselves well over twenty times a day.

Self-criticism is a trigger towards anxiety, which interferes with the ability to reach goals.

If you’re thinking this mean spirited inner voice is attempting to motivate or inspire you to do better, then think again.

Instead, it’s most likely limiting you in ways you’re not even aware of. The key is becoming more action and goal oriented, and less self-critical.

Say Hello To Your Inner Critic

You want to do something positive, yet you waste your time ruminating on destructive thoughts, more commonly known as your inner critic, which is the negative default setting in your brain.

What it does is steers you clear from your goals, by giving you terrible advice, which is usually the wrong opinion, with the intent to keep you safe.

If you’re wanting to get healthier, you’ll say, “Don’t bother going to the gym today, you’re tired anyways.” On a date, you’re thinking, “Give him/her the cold shoulder. Don’t show them how you really feel.”

All you’re doing is just pushing yourself away from what you really want, and you obey this inner “voice” because it’s yours.

“You’re lazy and fat, you look terrible.” “You blew it, they’ll never call you again. They don’t like you.”

To break free from this firm grip that is your inner critic, you need to consciously recognize it once it begins to talk to you.

Adopt a more objective filter, by ignoring its skewed biased opinions and demeaning advice.

Love Yourself More

There’s fortunately a better more favourable attitude you can adopt if you choose to.

It can vigilantly act as an antidote and watchdog for your critical inner voice, and that’s self-compassion. To love yourself more.


What’s proven is it’s self-compassion that’s the most effective, when it comes to reducing self-criticism. This self-compassion also doesn’t lead you to being less motivated towards your goals.

On the contrary, it’s self love that’s conductive to making positive change, by realizing how you can improve on your mistakes.

Instead of having a “woe is me” attitude, those who self love themselves, understands suffering is part of being human, which actually connects them to others.

If they have a good attitude toward themselves, treat themselves like they would a friend, then they’re able to respond better to challenges.

Learning Mindful Meditation

Mindful meditation is a process which allows you to dwell on your thoughts and feelings, without judgment. Being mindful eventually turns into self-compassion.

It’s being aware of and expecting your painful experiences, and then deciphering them in a fair honest balanced way, which doesn’t ignore or ruminate on the negative aspects of your life.

It’s no surprise, practising mindful meditation does is turns doubt into positive thoughts. It does so while increasing your self-compassion levels, which increases the overall feeling of well-being.

To Become More Mindful

What different forms of mindful meditation training and practice does, is it reduces psychological distress, while removing all thoughts of pondering.

What combining meditation along with yoga has shown, is it leads to less self-criticism and negativity, by just being more aware, which dissolves self-doubt.

Where most will get in difficulty with, is once they begin to blindly believe in their flaws, instead of their good points.

What happens is they’ll completely lose themselves to this self-criticism, self-evaluation, and self-hatred.

Where this ultimately leads to is self destructive self limiting behaviour, all which distracts and removes you from your goals or what you deserve.

What practising mindful meditation does, is helps you to get a grip on these thoughts, before they take over and destruct.

To Reach Your Goals

At any time, what we all have are different goals we want, different issues we’re striving to tackle, aspirations we’re wanting to pursue, all which has an unique meaning to us.

What we can all do is benefit from taking on these goals and dreams, by first freeing ourselves from our persistent inner critic that constantly nags us.

We’re All Connected

We can strive to become more self-compassionate, by being more mindful of ourselves and the world. Once we do so, what we feel is more connected and available to the universe and everyone around us.

What we do is offer more of ourselves, as we begin to evolve and shift our way on how we see everything. This leads us to grow into who we truly are, while being more aware and alive.

We need to remember our inner critic, will constantly instruct us to do the things that aren’t in our favour or advantage, as a safety measure so we won’t get hurt.

When it comes to seeking change, ask yourself what makes you feel the most alive, and then do it. What the world needs more of is people with passion.