The Life Obligation That You Have Is To Live Up To Your Dreams

We as children were prolific dreamers. When we were young, the canvas was open to whatever we wanted to become. Some choose astronaut, others a nurse. As we grew older, our dreams began to turn from fantasy to sensibility, to at times delusional. We were eventually convinced to abandoned our dreams, and face reality.

There are some people, intentional or not, who’ll throw enough self doubt our way, constant negativity, to push us away from pursuing our dreams. To conform to something we don’t want to become. This is the directive for most lives. To gain sense, to obey, to get a real job, that we’re no good.

We’re lambasted with the negative opinions of others, and eventually begin to believe them. We comply to a life of the ordinary, as the once spectacular dreams we once had, just remain dreams

No You Can’t
We’re conditioned as children to focus on the impossible, to believe in the potential of our dreams, while the adult naysayers, constantly found reasons on why we’ll fail somehow.

That we needed to focus on stark reality, instead of taking the steps to connecting with our fantasies. To not pursue the magnificent flight that is our imagination.

The most common argument would be, “There’s no way you can do that!” which becomes the most popular phrase of the negative. Then they attempt to destruct our progression.

We’re constantly asked “how” before “what” we’re going to do, which stops us in our tracks, this before we begin. The energy that’s generated on focusing on the “what,” does is brings forth the how.


Although planning is great and expected, the issue becomes focusing on having no idea on doing “how.” What’s then missed out, is attempting to manifest our dreams.

Activating Our Personal Power
The fact of the matter is, that everyone possesses more personal power then they realize. Our dreams can be a mystery, at times bizarre. It’s our willingness to fulfill those dreams however, while having the determination to do so, is what allows us to achieve.

The ability for one to manifest our own reality, is the pure power of creation itself. Just having the belief of developing these abilities, is what we give to ourselves and the world.

What it can become however, is a long and often winding and difficult journey, this to rediscover those innate fantasies in ourselves, this after years of being told to deny their existence.

We as children, is when we use our personal power the most, this without even realizing we’re doing so. Then we’re told how to behave, how to think, while being limited by having our perceptions, along with our interpretation of the world dictated to us, this by schooling.

As a child, our personal power is limitless, usually because we don’t know any better. Then as we grow older into adults, this potential becomes dormant and left untapped.

To Overcome The Naysayers
So the key becomes, how to overcome this onslaught of negativity, which assaults our dreams, while threatening to phase them right out of our existence.

What’s needed, is learning how to strengthen our mental immune system. This is similar to performing mental martial arts, which is the practice of regaining our belief systems which imprisons our mind, body, and spirit.

To Perform Mental “Karate”
So what we need to develop is the concept of mental martial arts, and then reach the highest possible rank of achievement, this when it comes to the skills of mental discipline and self-defense.

What needs to be adopted is a strongly focused, step-by- step process, this to stand our ground against the oncoming onslaught of all the daily negativity, and naysayers in our lives.


What this philosophy uses is a focused martial arts mindset, this by applying similar mental self-defense techniques. What then builds up is our mental immunity, to fight off, regain, and protect what’s most precious to us, which is our ability to dream.

To Defend Better
What’s needed at some point in our lives, is to learn how to defend ourselves better. Not just physically, but also emotionally, mentally, and spiritually as well.

What many grow up in, is a “cult” like environment, where one is constantly told that they’re useless, worthless, and undeserving of love. What’s endured, is often years of emotional and mental abuse.

Most families are dysfunctional. The father can be absent or abusive, while the mother is repeatedly robbed of her emotions, and this can only be passed down to their children.

Some kids unfortunately need to “sink or swim” at an early age. To stand up for themselves, or to surrender to the hate of the world that they constantly face, this at home or to the bullies around them.

Then during these negative points in their lives, is when their dreams of greatness dies. The imaginative world that they’ve constructed for themselves, go on the back-burner or become impossible to reach.

Need To Become Mentally Stronger
This the value of disciplines such as martial arts, which extends far beyond just learning physical self-defense to protect oneself, but also the mental discipline that’s needed to protect ones emotions and spiritually.

What needs to be overcome, are the experiences of oppression, isolation, or abuse, as every individual has suffered some form of negativity in their lives. What everyone also has, is the power to transcend any situation they face, this regardless of how hopeless it may appear.

What everyone needs is to stand up for themselves, to survive and learn how to win against all odds. Regardless of how many setbacks, mistakes, traumas and tragedies one faces, what needs to be activated, are the dreams that’s dormant within all of us.

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