Natural Cures For A Hangover When Recovering From The Bender

how to cure yourself from a hangoverSpecial occasions will seduce you into indulging in the festivities of the event, which can push you overboard into excess. The chances are then good that you’ll be feeling a tad hungover the next morning, especially when partaking in the joy and revelry of the occasion.

It may confound some that most celebrations become alcoholic based and can occur at a moments notice. This includes the festive season, or when planning a boys/girls night out. Then you need to drag your pounding head and sorry butt off to work the next morning.

However, the savior, the good news is that if you’re planing to celebrate, there are a variety of surefire natural cures for a hangover, which will get you to work and function as best as possible the next day.

Rule number one, don’t drink to excess.

Natural Ways To Cure That Hangover
Drink Lots Of Water – There’s nothing more soothing than a tall room temperature glass or two of water post party, this provided that you remember to drink down the water before going to bed.

Doing so has proven to lower the effects of a hangover tremendously. The rule of thumb to prevent a hangover is a glass of water for every shot of alcohol, beer, or glass of wine you consume, but then who’s counting. So chugging down a few glasses of water before sleeping might just provide the damage control that you need.

Try A Fruit Smoothie – The last thing that you shouldn’t do post drinking is eating an oily fried breakfast, or inhaling down a greasy burger. The best is a fresh fruit smoothie, exactly what your pounding head needs the next morning.


The reason being that it’s loaded with essential vitamins and natural sugar, as what a smoothie will do is restore your plummeting blood sugar levels back to normal.

Drinking Fruit Juice – You might be wondering why post alcohol drinking, that you’d want to guzzle down a few glasses of orange juice. The reason being that what fruit juice contains is fructose and glucose, which is exactly what your body needs to balance your low blood-sugar levels, while restoring the lost essential vitamins caused by the dehydrating affects of alcohol.

Injecting A Bit Of Caffeine – It’s true that if you’re already dehydrated from the alcohol, then coffee may not be the best idea. So this the reason why it’s recommended you replenish your system with a few glasses of water, then the coffee will provide that much needed boost of energy, while the cream will coat your irritable stomach.

Say Yes To Honey – A bit of honey in your tea will lend just enough natural sugar to reduce the pounding in your head. This because each spoonful is filled with fructose, which helps in metabolizing the remaining alcohol, and potassium, which will give you energy while quelling the nausea.

Eating Bananas – Bananas are not usually known as a hangover remedy, but they pack a lot of potassium, which relieves the drainage of blood sugar and the queasiness. So eat a few bananas or bake up some banana bread or muffins in anticipation of having a decent breakfast once you wake up. If you can’t stomach the idea of downing solid food, then blend a banana into a smoothie.

Apples Always Works – An apple will keep the hangover away, this according to health experts. The mighty apple once consumed on an empty stomach are loaded with much needed magnesium, which helps in detoxifying the body when it’s going through hangover withdraw.

True For Tomatoes – No, not a myth of the drunk, nor is it an old wives tale, but there’s a bit of truth in downing a Bloody Mary during a hangover. The morning after the night before, any type of tomato rich beverage has proven to be a powerful “bender” cure, this because they’re extremely high in vitamins and minerals, fructose, and enzymes, which helps the body in refueling and then metabolizing all that alcohol.

Eating Dark Leafy Greens – After that solid night out, the body becomes extremely low on the B vitamins, which is needed to repair a variety of metabolic processes including the processing of the alcohol. Those dark leafy greens such as broccoli, spinach, kale, and parsley are naturally rich in B-vitamins.

Enjoy Eating Asparagus – Asparagus is singled out as a hangover cure as well as a hangover prevention. So if you’re planning a night out, make it a point to eat asparagus for dinner, the reason being that this particular vegetable contains the enzymes which are responsible for breaking down alcohol. You can also eat asparagus the next morning, this to soothe the after effects of that fun night out.

Eating Pasta – They call them drunken noodles for a reason. A healthy dose of carbohydrates which the noodles contain will soak up and rid of all the alcohol which is in your stomach. The best results are eating the noodles plain, or adding a bit of butter for taste.


The Goodness Of Ginger – There’s a reason why drinking Ginger Ale is recommended post party, as the natural ginger root eases nausea. So skip ingesting excess sugar but instead slice some pure ginger root, and then steep it into a pot of boiling water which is proven to be an effective hangover drink.

Just Get Enough Sleep – A good long sleep if possible following a night out is exactly what the body needs to restore energy while metabolizing the alcoholic toxins naturally. So after a night of drinking, make sure that you afford yourself the time to get a few extra hours to catch up on some much needed sleep, which is found to be the best cure for a hangover.


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