I Am A New Single Mother And This Networking Site Saved My Life

I remember the exact moment, when my daughter Britney was born. It was the most brilliant exasperating exhausting day of my life. It was also the most difficult day of my life. as I was alone and a single mom.

Hello, My Name Is Emily And This Is My Story
I am 21 and a single mom to a beautiful now 18 1/2 month old daughter. She is the greatest gift I’ve received on my short time here on earth, and feel blessed that my beautiful baby is a part of my life.

The early days were extremely hard. My mom was there and helped all she could, but she couldn’t stay and help me forever, as she had work obligations and lived on the opposite coast. So I was alone.

Growing Pains
My baby at 7 weeks, would wake up and stay awake from around 3PM, right through to 7AM the next morning. If I put her down in her crib, she would started to cry.

What I strive for, is to be a good mom, to be a perfect mom. I have the “can do it” all mommy attitude. So I would stand up and bounce her, until she calmed down.

Needless to say, once 7AM finally rolled around, I was absolutely exhausted. There were feelings of resentment, confusion, as I was overwhelmed and alone.

Reflecting back, what never dawned on me even once, was to ask anyone for help.

New Mother Support Networks
Does this sound familiar? If it does, then you’re not alone. Most of the new moms I speak to, single or married, try to do everything all by themselves.

Someone then introduced me to a social networking site called Elite New Mom’s, which is a support forum that caters to new moms, moms to be, and existing moms with newborns.
Are You Trying To Do Too Much
Answer the following questions and find out:·
How many times in the past month, have you sat down frustrated and exhausted, as you scream out in your head, “Someone please HELP Me!” hoping that somehow, somewhere, someone would magically hear you, and then take over even for a little while, so you could take a nap?

What do you do when you need support, any type of help, or you desperately need some rest, when you want to take a break? When was the last time that you asked for, and received some genuine advice?

Join The Elite New Mommy’s Network
If this sounds like you, then it’s clear that you’re wanting to do it all, to be a “supermom,” to be the best parent you can be, which is a natural reaction. Well, the good news is it doesn’t have to be this way, there’s help.

What may help you, is joining a “new moms” support network, one that’s devoted solely for you, so you can join together with other new moms who are experiencing what you’re going through. The best part is, that this network of other moms is completely free to join.

It’s Okay To Ask For Help
What you’ll then begin to feel is great about asking for help. What our culture fails to do, is teach us about the benefits of seeking out any type of help and support from others.

What we’re taught instead, is to be strong, to value independence, that it’s a sign of weakness or a deficiency, to ask for help.

That if you’re a well adjusted and capable parent, you should be able to take care of everything yourself, alone.

Then that persistent little moral voice in your head proclaims. “Hey wait a minute, is this how I really want to raise my child?”

Once developing the courage to become more comfortable asking for help, it will enable you to become the calm loving mother, that you’re wanting to be.


Becoming The Best Mommy
Begin by understanding the reasons why you find it so difficult to ask for support, which holds you back from being the best parent you can become
• Why do you feel uncomfortable asking for any type of help or support?
• Will it change how you feel about yourself, once you acknowledge that you can’t do it alone?
• What would it take, for you to reach out to others, so you can meet your needs?
• Why do you worry what others will think once you ask for help, or if they know you’re receiving help?
• How would you feel, if you were completely supported by a network of other new moms. Would that allow you to feel better about yourself?

Change Your Focus
What you’ll become is a happier, healthier, and more effective mom. You’ll begin to feel a lot better physically, emotionally, as well as mentally.

You’ll feel supported by and connected to other moms, who are experiencing the same things that you are, which will make you feel less stressed out, while being better informed and equipped to handle all the challenges of motherhood. You’ll win back your life, feel less resentful and not burnt out.

Join Elite New Moms
This is a Free Social Networking site for new moms, where you’ll find other moms, or those who are soon to be moms, on a “peer-to-peer” platform, where you can share your experiences.

What you’ll also find are great buys, everything from diapers to baby furniture, comparison shopping for services such as day care and caterers, all which will save you $1000’s of dollars per year.

You can share ideas, get plenty of advice and support, while shopping for all the baby related products and services that you’ll need. So simplify your life.

You can also get the inside scoop on all of the latest mom-to-be trends, while gaining access to unbelievable samples, sales, shopping and events.

What Elite New Moms does, is helps you the mom discover better ways to prepare for your child. It’s a great place to get to know other moms, make motherly plans, while connecting to and helping other women, who are preparing to give birth.