The Reasons Why Most Business Professionals Lack Self-Esteem

It’s all about a balanced life. Successful professionals spend so much time on their careers, there’s little time in their lives for personal improvement, which plummets their self-esteem. All work and no play makes for a boring person. Gradually, this begins to affect their performance at their job or business.

Studies show the majority of the population, suffers from varying degrees of low self-esteem. Many think these challenges, are only characteristics of the uneducated, the poor, or those from a lower socio-economic class. It’s found that a large portion, are professionals in industry.

Many successful business people, feel socially challenged or have difficulty establishing close intimate relationships. They may experience low self-esteem, when it comes to their physical appearance or unkempt health.

Perhaps they’re not having any type of fun in their lives, while devoting too much attention to their work. The common denominator of those who are professional, is that they’re so driven to succeed, their personal life is put on the back burner.

My Boring Empty Life
They compensate these feelings of deficiency when it comes to their vacant lives, by working harder, by finding a place where they can excel, and this is through their work.

This provides them with a place where they can win at life, but it doesn’t fulfill their neglected needs in other areas of their overall life.

These include having a real relationship, children, recreation, personal and spiritual development. Their health is neglected, and their appearance is just tidy.

The Off Balance Scale
Those who lack self-esteem, compensates their life with a strong drive to accomplish, which proves their worth. Since business is where they can shine, everything else is neglected.

Their actions are built on a foundation of somehow they’re not good enough, somehow they’re defective or unworthy of being loved and accepted by others.

To Prove Themselves
What being a workaholic does is proves their worth. They find happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment. However, as they climb higher up the career ladder, it always appears never ending.

There’s always new goals and objectives to conquer, this to prove their worth. The more that they achieve, the further they need to go. Try as they might, they never seem to fully measure up or be satisfied.

Once they do, it feels short-lived and fleeting. They can’t reach the final destination that they long for so badly, which is the peace of mind that comes from self-love and acceptance.

That Sinking Feeling
The foundation of their ladder is sitting on quicksand. They find themselves sinking, just as quickly as they attempt to climb up.

They know they’ll never reach the type of perfection, that they desperately seek. They’ll always find some type of flaw in whatever they do, which reinforces their fears of being unlovable, unworthy, defective in some way.

Plunging Self-Esteem
Most of these thoughts of not being good enough, are just made up. They believe there’s something wrong with them, that they’re inadequate or not worthy, which develops the void of not feeling loved.

What they need is to develop the courage to examine their past, find the source of their resignation and low self-esteem.

If they can reinterpret what happened, this to dissolve the negative self-talk, while making a conscious decision to strive for excellence and to help others.


To develop a firm belief that they can impact others, and the world around them. That they are in fact worthy, of receiving and giving life’s blessings.

To Find Fulfillment
Other than finding true happiness and peace, professionals who lack self-esteem are impacted in other ways.

By not finding the source of their self-esteem issues, they’re sacrificing their ability to pursue their true life purpose in the world.

Their energy is spent on focusing on their weaknesses, of being incomplete, which removes them from not allowing themselves to be fully present today.

Their relationships suffer, as they misinterpret the words and actions of others, in ways that invalidates them, making them feel bad about who they are.

The Driven
Some are so driven to succeed, to prove they’re good enough, that they sacrifice their personal effectiveness and charisma, this by focusing on their deficiencies, rather than fulfilling the needs of others.

They avoid social situations, or when there’s a possibility of looking bad or “being found out.” They overcompensate, and become workaholics to prove their worth to others, and themselves.

With this misguided misdirected focus, they’re forced to neglect their capacity to improve or help others, as they refuse to take their blinders off.

To Balance Out Life
To escape this seemingly vicious cycle of lacking self-esteem, which diminishes confidence, this never ending quest for self-fulfillment, requires one to mindfully step back and retrace their life.

The process begins with healing your past, so it no longer robs you of your energy, which consumes your attention.

Once the elimination of the past ghosts are complete, then the process of properly analyzing your present state of affairs, can begin.

This to identify what’s working in your life, to find out what’s missing, this to live a balanced life, one that honors your most cherished values, and inspires you to live passionately.

To Mold Your Future
You can then dig deep to reveal what your true birthright is, your purpose, this to deliberately design your future, the life that you ultimately want to live.

You can choose a life that excites you, while casting off that gloomy state of having low self-esteem, self-pity, and resignation that no longer serves you.

You can then live life with intention, a life you were destined to live. A fulfilled life that helps or contributes to you and others, as you share your gifts with the world.