Questions You Need To Ask For Making More Sense Of Your Life

knowing your purposeThe reasons why you’re here on earth is you need your current life to make sense, knowing what the basic roots of your motivations are. You need to feed your mind, soul, and body by giving it definition to your life.

This so we can then move out of our comfort zones and face the challenges of reaching our potential. A life that’s not fulfilled but rather void without meaning, with just the easy feel good pleasures and experiences of senseless adventure, will ultimately just leave you feeling empty and wonder what if.

To assess satisfaction and happiness, there needs to be some type of measurement for evaluating how you’re accomplishing the goals of your life.

Through various studies, it’s found that for those who felt that their lives lacked any type of meaning, showed patterns of anxiousness and depression, or engaged in acts of social or physical aggression.

Other findings found that their feelings on a day to day basis, if the work that they did had meaning to them, predicted their overall sense of their life’s purpose.

Feeling that the daily activities they performed were meaningful, led them to experience the positive needs for better competence, autonomy, and wanting to connect more with others.

Making slight alterations in these basic needs increased their feelings that their lives had more overall meaning.


Does Your Life Have Meaning
Believing that if you’re fulfilling your life’s purpose, that it has meaning, also improves your relationships with others. Those who are more satisfied has a more secure sense of self-worth.

There’s also more effort and motivation for relatedness to others. You may not be actively searching for or looking to improve your relationships, but it’s more of a rewarding byproduct of it.

Realizing the benefits of finding actual meaning in life, what you need to know are the signs of whether or not you’re even doing so, or if you think that it’s even important.

What Are You Doing About It
One measurement is the awareness that you have of yourself, whether if you know what your destiny is, and how active you are striving and taking the steps to accomplishing your goals.

In one study based on college students, those who felt that their lives had meaning and were taking action to reach them, were ultimately more satisfied with their lives overall, this especially if they thought the search was important to them.

It’s not just enough to feel that your life has meaning, but what’s more important to your well-being is to value the search and the accomplishments, in and of itself.

What it’s come down to are a collection of measurements which will allow you to evaluate exactly where you stand, and what areas that you might consider you need further development on.

Your Life’s Meaning

Is It Clearly Defined
Most may feel that this may never be answered as it’s a forever moving target and quest. But in relative terms, is there something or even someone that gives you focus.

Most recommend that you write your own epitaph. And once you do so, would it have a clear definition, a clean statement, a unifying mission or a set of missions.

Constantly Searching For Definition
Are you constantly searching for meaning in your life. This search should be based on one of two scales of measurement. Whether you have or don’t have a clear statement of your life’s purpose, or you think that you’re still searching for one.


It’s found that the notion of one needing to have a life purpose is just as important as having an actual life purpose which is clearly defined.

Does The Significance Of Your Life Stand Out
The results, when it comes to the meaning of one’s life, makes clear sense that they’re satisfied with what they do. It’s found that they don’t need to be the leaders of life, such as a politician, a scientist, or a brilliant inventor or entrepreneur to feel significant.

From the very beginning, what being positive has emphasized is being, becoming the best that you can be with what you’re capable of. Believing that your life has some sort of significance isn’t the same as becoming significant.

Does Your Daily Life Make Any Sense
Does what you do on a daily basis have any meaning to you at all. The idea of evaluating your life’s purpose on a generalized rating scale for some appears too difficult or pointless.

But if you stop and think of what you do on a daily basis, having a sense of unifying principle, can ultimately have the same meaning. The most meaningful activities that you do are the ones which brings you the most pleasure.

Doing them on a daily basis allows you to feel more competent, able to express creativity, while feeling valued by others for your contributions, all while feeling in control of what you’re doing.

Do You Want To Relate To Others
Is there a desire to relate to others, and you consider doing so to be an important part of your life’s purpose. What’s thought is that one’s life and the relationships that they keep enhances each other.

What you can see is your life as being meaningful in its own right, but those with a stronger sense of purpose find that they’re part of a large social network of relationships.

If you’re finding that you agree, then the chances are good that you’re on your way towards finding the fulfillment purposes which comes from a well defined life.

If you still have doubts, then begin with those activities which gives you the greatest pleasure, sense, and meaning in your life right now, and you’ll be on your path towards greater long-term fulfillment.

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