Reasons Why Women Are Attracted To Certain Types Of Men

There are various reasons, why we humans are instinctively attracted to one another. How a modern man attracts certain women, is a far more complex process. The reason being women are pickier, and infinitely more perceptive than men are. Women are more stringent, on who they’re attracted to.

Whenever women evaluate men, how physically attractive he is, isn’t as important as how pretty a woman is for men.

What a man initially looks for, is physical beauty. The selection process on how men and women are attracted to one other, has different criteria. As a result, finding a date becomes a difficult process.

What a man looks like, is thought secondary when it comes to a woman looking for a permanent relationship.

What women initially react to instinctively, are the negative annoying traits or behaviours they don’t like in men.

Certain women aren’t attracted to someone who’s bald, while others will reject men who are short.

Some women just don’t like those horrendous beards, while others dislike certain ethnicity, or are turned off by a bulging gut.

The Selection Process

Some women are just choosy, like they spending five minutes selecting the perfect ripe banana at the fruit stand. Most women are attracted to healthy ripe strong physically fit specimens.

Men who has an air of confidence, as they’re more likely to succeed when it comes to life. These are the men who can protect them better, provide better looking healthier babies, and has the potential to become more prosperous.

This is why personal characteristics are found more critical, as a determining factor when it comes to relationships. This is because what appearance does, is colours first impressions.

Women who are interested in just having short-term flings, will choose men who are elite alpha males, provided they’re pretty enough to snag them.

Once a man passes the first screen test, a woman is then more likely to pay attention to his personality characteristics, such as intelligence, occupation, and suitability for having a long-term relationship.

Looking For Characteristic Traits

How complete a human is, such as generosity, mindfulness, and kindness are all important when it comes to both men and women.

These personality characteristics are usually on the “checklist,” when it comes to the selection process.

Compatibility makes perfect sense, when it comes to a well balanced relationship between a man and a woman.

Relationships should be considered a partnership, which functions best once each takes full accountability of themselves, and the interests of the other person.


A Variety Of Different Types Of Men

Most men fall for the stereotypical beautiful shapely woman, where women are usually more idiosyncratic in their tastes, since they have more criteria to account for.

The skilled “womanizers” have various intentions. They’re experienced seasoned “con-men” who seduces women by telling them exactly what they want to hear.

These relationships however have a limited shelf life, as the torrid romance usually results in heated breakup.

Some women fall head over heals, over the nerdish college professor types. Others are more drawn towards the physical dynamics of a professional athlete, or a CEO.

Many gravitate towards the creative types, such as artists or musicians, praying they’re not starving to death.

Before Falling In Love

Most women will seek out men who are already established, those who are already successful and making money, or are gainfully employed.

What they use is an economic filter, when selecting a potential mate, especially when online dating.

This makes perfect sense, since knocking boots with someone who’s already successful, is far better for their future, than getting hitched with someone who’s a failure.

Beyond the economic selection process, depending on the woman’s own success or attractiveness, they’ll set yet more stringent criteria, as they won’t settle down unless they get the premier stud.

Women are also generally drawn to men who are from similar backgrounds, when it comes to ethnicity, religion, or occupation.

It’s known the most successful marriages, are couples who are remarkably similar and compatible to one other in almost every trait.

What Guys Can Do

Once a woman wants to attract a man, what they’ll do is doll up, enhance their appearance by pouring on the makeup, while wearing tight revealing clothing. They become peacocks in waiting.

In contrast, men won’t bother spending that much time on their appearance, although they know that looking good, can attract better fowl.

Although physical appearance should be important, most men don’t care about the latest trends, when it comes to apparel or hairstyle.

Most men will just be fashionable enough during the dating stage, but won’t bother or care to be trendy once they’re hitched.

Keeping relevant should be important for men, as it projects social status and mindfulness. Women will reject a poorly dressed man, while being attracted to someone in a well tailored suit.

The quality of clothes that a guy wears, shows where he shops, which also indicates how much disposable income he has.

Women See Women Do

Women are aware of the visual signs of social status, such as he driving an expensive car, or dining out at a ritzy restaurant.

What many women still prefer, is the “tradition” the man pays for all the expenses of the date. What this reveals is how refined the man is, and how much disposable income he’s willing to dispose on her.

Historically, men were expected to bring gifts to the women they courted. This practice of the man providing, gives the woman a sense of security by being fed, and can become easier to seduce.

The act of being materially generous, is usually provided by the male. The reason being, males are more eager to mate, to chase and impress, and will do all he can to win the lady over.