Is Your Egotistical Boss The Reason Why You Dislike Your Job

The role of the manager in any organization is to fix mistakes, to overlook operations, to control function and people. But what we know is that some bosses will go beyond their duties, and allow their authority to influence your livelihood. This just to flex their hierarchy muscle, because they can.

What a narcissistic boss with a big ego can do is step beyond their borders, decide to make it personal by reducing you, by verbally abusing you. Whatever your reaction may be, whether you tell them off or you …

Top 10 Taboo Things You Should Never Do At Work

The workplace, that place you’re invited to, this to perform a certain task, the J.O.B., this in exchange for pay. When working, there’s a fine line some will cross regarding this agreement, as there are certain things that they know isn’t acceptable, but they’ll do so anyways.

The majority will show up on time in the morning, they know how to perform their jobs well, properly conduct themselves in front of their coworkers, clients, and bosses.

Being professional when at work is mandatory, but some will step beyond what’s allowed. …

Ways To Becoming More Mindful At Work To Be More Productive

becoming more mindful at workWhat practicing mindfulness in the workplace does is it projects a different perspective on certain viewpoints. This allows creative thinking to become more focused, attentive and cooperative, while learning to be more appreciative with those you work with.

This mindfulness enables leaders along with workers to witness reality more clearly, while acting more purposefully with all their own personal issues left at the door. The paradox for a better mindful work environment is being open to change, to start being.

What regular mindfulness elicits is better attention and improved positive …