Top 10 Taboo Things You Should Never Do At Work

The workplace, that place you’re invited to, this to perform a certain task, the J.O.B., this in exchange for pay. When working, there’s a fine line some will cross regarding this agreement, as there are certain things that they know isn’t acceptable, but they’ll do so anyways.

The majority will show up on time in the morning, they know how to perform their jobs well, properly conduct themselves in front of their coworkers, clients, and bosses.

Being professional when at work is mandatory, but some will step beyond what’s allowed. Some of these actions are just morally wrong, while others are justification for getting fired.

10. Do A Poor Job

Constantly blaming others once making a mistake, always passing the buck, claiming it’s not in their job description. All employees in a professional environment is expected to show improvement, to take on a bigger workload and responsibility, to mature. But constantly making the same mistakes, being lazy, and leaving promptly at 5PM becomes disturbing. These are the individuals who goes from job to job, not fitting in, and not particularly liked that much.

9. Office Gossip

For some, their favorite pastime isn’t talking shop, but it’s gossiping or playing office politics, this with their coworkers. Some will choose to gossip or start rumors about the people they work with, mostly for entertainment. Everyone in their working life, has been victim of this, as it’s prevalent in the office environment. What some would rather do is anything but their work, and will eventually be flushed out as a poor performing employee.

8. Phoning In Sick

You used up all your sick days, but once you wake up, you don’t feel like going to the boring office. One of the biggest expenses and excuses is phoning in sick when you’re not. What’s affected is your entire workplace as someone has to fill in for you. If your boss ever suspects that you’re faking your sickness, then the next time you’re really sick, you’ve lost their trust. So just phone in sick when you genuinely are, with valid proof.