Top 10 Reasons Why Kids Dread Going To School

Oh yes school, our first exposure to the real world, the life lessons we’re taught about rule and order, that discipline exists. We’re asked to conform, told to do things by others who aren’t our parents.

That nurturing period is over, where we as kids at home, got away with just crying, laughing, and eating. The security of mommy, where we were constantly monitored, constantly corrected on right or wrong, is over.

Then comes the time when kids come out of their cocoon, and begin the monster known as school. We’re conditioned to think it’s a nice place, a place of fun. The first day of school can be terrifying…

10. World Turned Upside Down

The first day of school is a complete shock to the child, and most find it extremely difficult to face and adjust to the new world around them. Initially, the world is just family at home. But then it’s altered, and usually not what they imagined. These new unfamiliar surroundings makes the child insecure. They think they’re being left alone. The minutes seem like days. This feeling makes them cry, feel sick, they hate that big cold place, and just want to go home.

9. Social Anxiety

Children aren’t exposed to a lot of people as they’re protected. What parents experience are their preschool kids kick, scream, and cry when sent to Sunday school or a birthday party. The anxiety of interacting with new people exists. This feeling in the child doesn’t last long for most however, as they adjust. Seeing huge crowds of other kids makes some want to go home to the quiet sanctuary of mom. They feel suffocated, and dread going to school.

8. Intimidated By Teachers

Teachers by definition are ones who teach, but they’re human and have personalities. Teachers to the new student are authority figures who can be terrifying, at times unjust and unfair, this especially if they’re not the “teachers pet.” What’s now forbidden is physical abuse like the strap, so emotional intimidation it is. Dislike of certain teachers is one reason why kids fear going to school.