A Clinical Method On How You Can Self Hypnotize Yourself

We’ve all attended the country fairs where a mystic with dark hypnotic eyes invites you, dares you, they can predict your future. For a fee, reveal what will happen to you in the future, place you under a hypnotic spell, without any interference. Is this even possible.

What experts claim is there’s approximately 30% percent of the population that can potentially be hypnotized.

The polar opposite, around 25% percent are considered extremely difficult, if not impossible to fall victim to falling under a spell of auto-suggestion.

The remainder of us …

Using Hypnotic Words – Subliminal Message Techniques That Work

self-hypnosisThere are a lot of people that wish they can gain a greater influence over others in their lives. There can be a lot of reasons for this. Business interactions, social situations and even friendships could profit from the proper use of language. Wouldn’t it be great if we could find a way to use language in such a way that it really impacted the listener and “drove” home the idea or concept we were trying to share? Wouldn’t it help if you could properly convey the meaning of what …