6 Reasons Why You Feel Like A Phony In Life And At Work

You’ve worked extremely hard to build up your place in life. You’ve reach its pinnacle, yet you feel like a phony. You feel you don’t belong somehow, which makes you feel uncomfortable. It’s the fear you’ll be exposed, because you don’t think you’re accomplished or are competent enough.

This happens to those who’s experienced success in the business or entertainment world, who has these thoughts.

This feeling of being an imposter, happens to everyone every once in a while, exception to those who are egotistical, narcissistic, lazy, or are just …

Increasing Your Self-Esteem Begins With Loving Yourself First

why you should be self loving yourselfThe majority of us are conditioned to believe that the only way we should or feel better about ourselves, to have more confidence is by having others, perhaps someone that you admire to constantly reaffirm that you’re good enough.

But deep down inside we know that the truth is the simple act of just believing in ourselves, and that should be enough to give us all of the necessary confidence that we need to accomplish whatever we want, our dreams, achieve the impossible.

We can only have it in ourselves …