Increasing Your Self-Esteem Begins With Loving Yourself First

why you should be self loving yourselfThe majority of us are conditioned to believe that the only way we should or feel better about ourselves, to have more confidence is by having others, perhaps someone that you admire to constantly reaffirm that you’re good enough.

But deep down inside we know that the truth is the simple act of just believing in ourselves, and that should be enough to give us all of the necessary confidence that we need to accomplish whatever we want, our dreams, achieve the impossible.

We can only have it in ourselves to reach these grounds of greatness, and be able to pick ourselves up whenever we fall or stumble down the path. But far too often, in times of turmoil or insecurity, we’ll rely on others for help.

We seek out the help of others in our lives to provide us with a boost, this could be a pep talk from our best friend sharing their kindness, the unconditional love of a child or pet, or a spouse’s undeniable support.

But know that if we ever need genuine sustainable love and support, for it to be everlasting, the very first place that we should be looking at is within ourselves.

Looking Out For The Number One Love
What being able to love ourselves requires is a lot of patience and practice. This involves overcoming years, a lifetime of negative self abuse, both from society and yourself that you’re not good enough, is a tough thing to discard.

However, once you can say that you can love yourself, for better or for worse, then there’s absolutely no one who can take that away from you.

What we need to learn is becoming our very own best friend, our own cheerleader, our biggest supporter. We need to provide ourselves first with all the self love, kindness, support and respect that we want from others.

Learning to love ourselves is an ongoing process as we’ll occasionally fall backwards into the trap of believing that we’re not that smart, worthless, or any good. The dark recesses of our mind always comes back to haunt us somehow.

But fear not as there are some helpful reassuring tips which you can refer to whenever you need a bit of encouragement, inspiration and a self pep talk.

Always Cheer For Yourself
Whenever any type of challenge arises, what you need to immediately do is cheer for yourself, just as you would for your favorite sports hero or a loved one, as if they were facing the same or similar obstacle.

What we don’t want is for them to falter in any way, so why on earth would we ever want or allow the same to happen to us, which is infinitely more important.

So always root yourself on with motivational supportive thoughts and feelings which will give you continued strength, whenever you need to overcome whatever life throws your way.

Do so by repeatedly telling yourself that you’re extremely proud of who you are, affirming that you know what you can accomplish. Once you begin to believe in this self encouragement, you can then forge forward in life without any fear or reservation.

Then great things, whatever you attempt to do then becomes possible. Once you take a calculated leap of faith, there will be a net to catch you.

Treat Yourself With Kindness
Why not treat yourself with kindness at all times, make sure you look out for Number 1. Make sure that you look out for yourself by using positive thoughts and nothing else, and use it often.

What our mind needs is to be constantly stabilized with the belief that we really do have what it takes to achieve whatever that we want. Then the resulting outcome will be in an optimistic frame of mind which allows us to firmly believe that anything is possible.


Giving ourselves positive affirmation produces these results. Begin by writing down a statement, such as “I am a great and a lovable person.” Then at all times, whenever doubt rears its head, repeat your chosen passage.

Become The Most Courageous You
When you become your biggest fan, what that means is that you and only you is the only one who will be there when times get rough or troubled, giving you the strength to fight your own battles yourself.

You need to be there for yourself to pick up all of the pieces whenever you’re down, or when it appears that things are beginning to fall apart, is the most difficult yet courageous thing that you can do.

We shouldn’t rely on others during these dire times so they can put our lives back together for us, this since they have their own life issues to deal with. Rather, learn to comfort yourself while regaining and retaining a positive outlook which will keep us going forward in the right direction.

Most importantly, whenever you’re feeling down, you need to take the time out to reaffirm your worth and value by the using this positive self-talk, and never feel that it’s egotistical to do so.

Become Your Own Leader First
Once we acknowledge that we’re our biggest support system, doing so has the distinct advantage and the ability to provide us with a sense of control and leadership over ourselves.

When we learn to fulfill our own needs, it then allows us to avoid the destructive dependency on others when it comes to our feelings of worthiness. Self-worth is a valuable belief which comes from within, and nobody else can give that to you or take it away.

What we need to remember is that regardless of what our circumstances may be, that we need to give ourselves a pat on the back as no one else will. So go ahead, give yourself all the praise that you deserve for your self-esteem.

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