Drinking Green Tea: Does It Really Help Or Is It All Hype?

There’s been a lot of health-hype lately surrounding the benefits of green tea. I’m certain you’ve heard it, too. Have you ever wondered: Is it really worth my while to drink tea of the green variety? Well, you can decide for yourself.

First: The Claims Of Drinking Green Tea:

A rich source of anti-oxidants:
What are anti-oxidants? Anti-oxidants neutralize free radicals or unstable molecules in the body that can eventually become unfriendly and wreak havoc on the cells. Free radical damage can cause everything from sun damage to hardening of …

Is Drinking Green Tea Really A Cancer Fighting Miracle Brew?

For thousands of years, the Japanese and the Chinese have long been drinking green tea. It has been attributed for helping fight off different kinds of illnesses as well as help in weight loss, and this brew has also been linked to fighting cancer.

Only recently, green tea has been introduced in the west. And, people love it. Most people say that they never felt healthier in their entire lives, and health buffs even said that this tea is a miracle drink. Ever since then, the entire world is now …

The Healthy Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea

For starters, every type of tea comes from the same botanical source, which is camellia sinesis. The difference is in the processing of the tea leaves, giving each and every type of tea its distinctive aroma, taste, and even color, as well as its properties. Green tea is steamed and dried thus maintaining its color, chemical properties and natural taste, while other types of tea are fermented. Studies prove that green tea has a lighter flavor and aroma compared to that of black tea, which keeps all of the beneficial …