The Healthy Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea

For starters, every type of tea comes from the same botanical source, which is camellia sinesis. The difference is in the processing of the tea leaves, giving each and every type of tea its distinctive aroma, taste, and even color, as well as its properties. Green tea is steamed and dried thus maintaining its color, chemical properties and natural taste, while other types of tea are fermented. Studies prove that green tea has a lighter flavor and aroma compared to that of black tea, which keeps all of the beneficial chemicals intact, allowing you to enjoy your cup of green tea.

How to make a cup of green tea
Brewing green tea is similar to any other tea. Whether it is bagged or loose green tea. It is important to remember not to use boiling water. Brewing with water thats just about to reach its boiling point is the right temperature; this is for the reason that green tea is more delicate than other teas.

The best tasting green tea is brewed for around a minute, and let it steep for a short period of time. It is recommended not to prepare it with boiling water, and longer time of steeping because it will make the tea taste bitter.

Increasing the level of polyphenols in green tea is directly proportional with water temperature and time of steeping. It means that the longer it brews under boiling water, and the longer it is steeped means a greater concentration of polyphenols in every cup of green tea, making it more potent than if it was brewed and steeped for a shorter time. Polyphenols are the anti oxidants found in green tea which contributes to the green teas medicinal properties.

Suggestions on how to boost antioxidant concentration of your green tea:
Temperature– studies prove that when using boiling water, more of the polyphenols, the anti oxidants on green tea is extracted from the tea leaves. The higher the temperature used for brewing tea leaves, the greater the concentration of polyphenols, thus making a more effective tea to fight against diseases and illness.

Steeping time– in order to attain the most benefits of a cup of green tea, longer steeping time is advised. Longer steeping allows for more polyphenol, the healing agent in green tea. The tea should be steeped 2 to 5 minutes. Shorter steeping time means less polyphenol, and greater caffeine content in the tea.

Size of tea leaves– the smaller the leaf of the green, the better. Studies have shown that small loose green tea leaves infuses quicker, compared to that of tightly curled, larger tea leaves, which requires more or longer infusion time.

Loose leaf versus Tea bags– it is recommended you use leaves rather than tea bags. By allowing the green tea leaves to float in the water, more of the valuable polyphenol are being extracted. For green tea bags to produce the same anti oxidant, they must be continuously dunked in the tea pot.

Green tea is proving to help cure and protect people against a lot of health concerns and problems. In order to attain optimum protection against illness, also exercise proper nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, plus a cup of green tea.

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