How To Control Your Emotions By Not Impulsively Reacting

What we constantly need is to guard and keep our emotions in check, as it’s a core feature of our personality. We need to constantly monitor it, by not sporadically bursting out in laughter when something’s not funny, or begin to suddenly feel sad, frustrated or angry.

What we’re all familiar with are the ups and downs, the sad and the happy we experience, which can significantly dent our well-being.

It becomes important to regulate these hosts of feelings, which impacts how you’re perceived by others.

Do you suddenly break …

7 Ways Your Poor Negative Attitude Can Have Positive Effects

What we’re told is to be pleasant at all times, be nice, but usually more often than not we don’t feel like it. So we come across as grumpy and negative. But since most of us are now on public display because of social media, we all pretend we’re happy and positive at all times.

Feeling negative is also thought to be a sign of weakness or inadequacy, that it’s some type of personality disorder.

So we’re forced to internalize our emotions, mask ourselves if we feel miserable, which can …

10 Reasons Why You Should Never Insult Others

Insults are sudden unexpected verbal attacks, usually to degrade someone. What most want to know is how to deal with these insults, while not caring to find out the motivation behind them.

Someone insulting another is considered a sign of insecurity, as offending just by using words does is unfairly judges them, this usually in a bad light.

The common aim is to attack a person’s confidence, which is usually fueled by anger. The “If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all” rule applies. The …

How Dealing With Uncontrollable Emotions Can Rule Your Day

controlling your emotionsEmotions have a tendency to overrule, to overtake the situational mind to react in ways that it doesn’t or shouldn’t want to. Realize that emotions aren’t either good or bad, but it’s rather how you deal with these outbursts of expression which makes the difference.

So what’s needed is to be mindful of your reactions at all times, while recognizing what they are and knowing how to control them once they erupt. The key becomes not allowing them to control your life, which displays your level of emotional intelligence.

For …