5 Ways To Make A Great 1st Impression Meeting Someone New

It’s been known making a great memorable first impression when meeting someone new, is key. But it’s also been said that first impressions are often cured by a second look. Especially once you get to know the person better.

So whether it’s for a job interview, a hot blind date, or for any other purpose when you’re initially meeting someone you haven’t met before. You have a split-second to come across golden.

There are mounds of research suggesting, we do pay particular attention when it comes to remembering certain people.…

Why First Impressions Are Usually Cured By A Second Look

coming across as genuineIn rapid fire succession we make hundreds of first impressions quickly on anyone and anything. This as a measure to save time, this to decide whether to move on or to stay. We assess others quickly and spontaneously, within split-seconds, this based on how they appear.

How they decide to dress, stand, talk, laugh, chew their food, how they look at you, the aura that they project, this within an instance of contact, we scan an impression on them. We do so without having any previous interaction with them whatsoever.…

To Be Liked: The Methods Of Making That Good First Impression

how not to be annoyingWhen it comes to engaging with others, there are certain unwritten rules, traits to adopt when making that good first impression, and you have one chance to do so. The most common including your body language, dressing accordingly, controlling your anxiety levels when meeting someone for the first time.

But know that any impression extends beyond that initial first instinct. If you’re going to get people on your side, to like you, whether at work, or among your friends and family, you need a well polished follow up act.

Impression …

Making That Good First Impression To Get A Second Look

make a good first impressionWe see new and different people all the time, this whether for the first time or those we haven’t seen in a while. What most don’t realize is what type of impression that we’re making. Are you coming across as assertive, aloof, or completely forgettable.

This projection becomes important especially in job interview situations, as what any experienced interviewer will immediately determine based on first impression, is whether the candidate is worthy or not, this usually happens within the first three seconds.

Socially, people will often make an instant evaluation …

Don’t Come Across As A Fake By Making A Good First Impression

why you should put your best face forwardWe’re all face clowns, we all put our best face forward to impress others, set a trap of sorts on who we really are. We exaggerate by bringing our best act to the forefront, to try to be smart and witty as a conversationalist, this just so that others will like us, or we need to make a good strong impression.

The art of making a good first impression is a management technique which is extremely important, this when it comes to the development along with the upkeep and maintenance …