Making That Good First Impression To Get A Second Look

make a good first impressionWe see new and different people all the time, this whether for the first time or those we haven’t seen in a while. What most don’t realize is what type of impression that we’re making. Are you coming across as assertive, aloof, or completely forgettable.

This projection becomes important especially in job interview situations, as what any experienced interviewer will immediately determine based on first impression, is whether the candidate is worthy or not, this usually happens within the first three seconds.

Socially, people will often make an instant evaluation of each other based on whether we, they, should be treated as a superior, an equal, or inferior to them, this based strictly on the strength of our charisma, aura, demeanor, and the clothes we wear.

So what needs to be made aware of are some key points to establishing a positive and confident first impression, whether interviewing, socializing, dating, or networking for business. Best steps to present yourself as brilliantly as possible.

A Warm Confident Smile
Whenever you’re wanting to be treated with respect or be taken seriously, begin by showing off your confident smile, which isn’t force or doesn’t gleam off too much teeth.

Smiling to the extent of showing off your pearly whites for too long, however, is an indication that you’re too eager to please while seeking desperate approval. But what an appropriate confident warm radiant smile does is you’re wanting to be taken seriously.

There’s also strong evidence that a person who has shiny white perfectly straight teeth has more success in their career and their romantic interests. Those with teeth that are crooked, are often viewed as less accomplished, and sit at a disadvantage when it comes to getting a date.

We’ve all learned that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but most do. Choosing to do orthodontic work is a personal choice, but an investment that’s well worth making.

Making Direct Eye Contact
Making eye contact in Western societies is important, while other cultures may have varying views. What research reveals is the patterns of the iris sends out signals which indicates whether you’re trustworthy, friendly, or unfriendly.

We also use our eyes to convey rapport, attentiveness, and trust, along with establishing authority, power, and respect.

In most situations, the best way of making eye contact is to be direct and natural. Natural being looking at someone without glaring, staring, or blinking excessively.

Be direct and try avoiding rapid eye movement, which could be interpreted as not being trustworthy, or if you look towards the ground, which projects insecurity and lacking confidence.

There are certain situations if there’s potential conflict, when it’s best to position yourself right beside a person and look towards the same direction, similar to when you’re driving in a car, which helps to reduce the tension.

A Firm Solid Handshake
When meeting someone for the first time, in most professional and certain social situations, a firm handshake is the only appropriate form of physical contact. Your handshake becomes your calling card.

What most will do is subconsciously interpret your handshake instantly determining whether you should be treated as inferior, superior, or a peer.

The best handshake is to be firm. A solid grip will show that you’re confident, but not a tight “kung-fu” grip which makes the other feel uncomfortable. A firm handshake signals that you’re wanting to be treated with respect.

Projecting Your Voice
Research shows that our tone of voice can account for up to 40% percent of how we communicate our feelings and attitude. We identify voice as a communication “signature,” the others being direct eye contact and a firm handshake.


Other cues of instant judgement, whether favorable or not, is how you express yourself. Most will under utilize their voice, this to their social and professional detriment.

Where your best sounding voice comes from is the diaphragm. So what needs to be practiced is accessing your strongest most firm and attractive tone of voice.

A Confident Stance
Having a strong rigid body posture will help you in feeling and projecting confidence. Whenever we’re erect, either walking, sitting, or standing still, always consciously straighten your back.

Also, know how you gesture, how you use your hands and arms, as that’s an extension of how we project our charisma. What our gestures do is they enlarge our physical presence, which helps us in becoming more dynamic communicators.

An effective method of using gestures is imagining there’s an invisible circle around your upper body, which extends as far as your elbows in front of your chest. This is your circumference so own it, then use gestures outwards with your arms and hands.

Dressing To Look Your Best
Our personal appearance immediately contributes towards how we’re judged and perceived during any first encounter. Research shows that our confidence is influenced by how we decide to dress a particular day.

There’s also no need for expensive designer brand name clothing to make yourself look presentable. What you need is a combination of clothing and hairstyle that matches, coloring and accessories which makes you look the best.

The best compliment you can receive daily is, “Wow, you look fabulous today!” The best hairstyle along with wardrobe ensemble will flatter you, this without grabbing attention towards the individual pieces themselves.

Know the best colors which suits you based on the season, and know which color contrasts looks the best, this based on the color of your hair, eyes, and skin tone.

We all know that in most situations, there’s just one chance to make a good first impression. This becomes especially true when meeting someone for the first time, especially in business.

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