Creating Your Future Instead Of Becoming A ‘Victim’

visualizationDo you know anyone who takes full responsibility for their actions, behavior and feelings? What kind of life would you lead if you stopped blaming others for what happens to you or how you feel? How would you live your life if you decided your life was uniquely yours, and you can consciously create and form it in any way that you wanted to?

Latest research from psychologist as well as social scientists have demonstrated that your belief system has a profound cause and effect on your health, your mind, …

The Law of Attraction And How It Relates To Your Body

The Law of Attraction has worked for a lot of people who sought to gain financial freedom. It has helped many to experience fuller lives through better relationships. The Law of Attraction can also have a profound affect on your body.

How the Law of Attraction works

You are made up of energy and the energy you send out is positive or negative. This will depend upon whether you focus on the good things in life or the bad.

This will not only affect others, but it will affect you …

When It Comes to Prosperity and Abundance: Are You Willing To Receive

Fantasizing about great wealth is a frequent pastime for many of us. How wonderful it would be not to worry about paying bills, to be able to buy whatever we want, and have the freedom to travel as often as we’d like. It’s a lovely fantasy, but how accurate is it, really?

One mistake most of us make is believing that money will solve all of our problems, and our lives will become smooth and serene. Not true! Having more money might help ease certain struggles, but it will not …