Becoming Successful Takes More Than Effort To Get Results

What’s becoming apparent to succeed, is to work smarter and not harder. There are however plenty of rewards realized when working hard, once we exert sweat equity. These can include learning to listen better, improving our communication skills and attitude, to improve our network and work experience.

What needs to be realized, is it takes more than effort to get the results we’re wanting. The need to go beyond “trying.”

What we’re taught, is hard work is considered a great virtue. Our parents worked hard, preached the value of working …

Creating Your Future Instead Of Becoming A ‘Victim’

visualizationDo you know anyone who takes full responsibility for their actions, behavior and feelings? What kind of life would you lead if you stopped blaming others for what happens to you or how you feel? How would you live your life if you decided your life was uniquely yours, and you can consciously create and form it in any way that you wanted to?

Latest research from psychologist as well as social scientists have demonstrated that your belief system has a profound cause and effect on your health, your mind, …