A Short History On The New Knowledge Information Revolution

participating in the knowledge revolutionThousand years ago, our forefathers who grunted while roaming this same earth were nomads looking to survive another day. They carried around their few precious possessions on their backs, their sole purpose being to hunt for gathering food.

What eventually evolved was the first revolution, the Agricultural Revolution was born where groups of people began to settle down in habitation, attaching themselves both physically and emotionally onto specific plots of land for plans to stay and protect.

This evolved into they beginning to grow their own food on the land, …

Finding Success In Work Without Climbing The Corporate Ladder

someonesuccessfulontheinternetThe majority of people in their careers feel that they’re slip sliding sideways, this because regardless of how hard they work, how many hours that they put in the office, they find that they’re far from becoming anywhere successful.

Others view their jobs as just fulfillment, a means of finding their personal expression. The majority will also define their success in terms of how much money that they earn. Some will just put up with the endless demands, the ridiculous deadlines and the pressures associated, just to make ends meet.…

Know The 3 Types Of Income When Planning Your Future Finances

why your goal should be portfolio incomeOnce we enter the workforce, begin a family, that’s about when we’ll become concerned about our finances and the direction of it. The savings that we accumulate, the areas where income is derived, and it’s growth.

This so we can sail into the twilight, develop a University savings plan for our kids, take that long deserved vacation, or buy that boat or sports car of our dreams.

So when doing this planning, realize that there are 3 distinct streams of income that you’ll come across in your life, and as …